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Buy Wet Wipes for Baby


A baby wipe, also called a wet wipe, disposable wipe, disinfecting wipe, is small to a medium-sized moist piece of cloth used as wipes for kids. Baby wipes are used to clean the delicate skin of infants and are 100% biodegradable. These baby wet wipes are made of non-woven fabric. This fabric is dipped in a solution of gentle cleansers. The baby wipes for kids are usually sold in plastic containers that keep the wipes moist and allow for easy removal. The material is moistened with water or other liquids, depending on the application.


The origin of baby wipes probably dates back to the mid-1950s, when more and more people were traveling and needed a way to clean themselves on the go. These baby wet wipes for kids came into use wherever there seemed to be no alternatives for cleaning the child. Baby wipes are also commonly referred to as baby napkins. The wipes are moistened with either water only, a cloth solution, or a homemade solution. Some parents prefer to use only water or a homemade solution because it allows them to better control the ingredients on the child's skin.


Baby wipes with lids are the most popular in this category. It is a common design with a hinged lid that allows easy access to the wipes. We at Mylo use special containers to keep the wipes moist for a long time. The fabric used to make the wet wipes with lids is selected based on durability, cost, and absorbency. This fabric is then soaked with a mild but effective cleaning solution. No strong detergent can be used for infants, so the solution is carefully selected by our team. The more natural it is, the better it is. These packages are designed so that the wipes can be easily removed one at a time and remain moist until used. This makes the wipes with lids the most popular baby wipes here at Mylo.


The markets are full of new designs, sizes, and formulations for baby wipes with lids. The wide selection can be confusing, but since baby wipes are made with the baby's safety in mind, all are safe to use. The choice largely depends on the fragrance and ingredients that are important to the individual. Mylo routinely adds a variety of natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil and organic aloe vera to enhance the appeal of these wet wipes.


With such a wide variety of baby wipes at Mylo for babies, it's always super easy to buy them. If you are looking for baby wet wipes with lids, you can check out the diapers and wet wipes category at our store. The most convenient way to buy wet wipes for babies in India is to log on to popular e-commerce websites like ours where you can find numerous options to choose from. We provide detailed descriptions for our products and our reviews ensure that our products are loved by the masses. The best part is that now, to buy wet wipes for babies, you do not have to wait in the queue. It is just a click away.


While buying wipes for babies from Mylo and you can choose out of with or without lid options and can invest in baby wipes combos to save more on your pocket. Mylo’s Baby wet wipes for kids are gentle and effective for your baby's skin and are safe for everyday use.




1. Are wet wipes safe for babies?

 Our baby wet wipes are safe to use for babies.


2. What are wet wipes for babies used for?  

The use of wet wipes for babies (baby wipes) is a common practice to clean the skin after urine or bowel movement. The wet wipes help in cleaning the hands and face. They are very helpful in clearing your baby's sensitive skin from pores clogged due to sweat. In such cases, baby wipes can be very useful for quick cleansing.


 3. When can I use wet wipes for my newborn?

Many popular baby wipes contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some babies with sensitive skin. Although it's probably okay to use them right away, many doctors recommend playing it safe and waiting until your baby is at least 1 month old.


4. Are baby wipes the same as wet wipes?

The main difference between baby wipes and wet wipes is how they are used. Baby wipes are primarily formulated to be gentle enough to clean the baby's skin. Wet wipes, on the other hand, are more for adults.


5. Can I use baby wipes on my baby's face?

Any hypoallergenic baby wipe is safe for your baby's skin unless your child has a particular sensitivity or skin condition. Yes, you can use baby wipes to clean your baby's face, but make sure that you use fragrance-free, gentle wipes.


6. Can you use baby wipes for adults? 

You can also use baby wipes to clean kitchen counters or wipe down the interior of your car. You'll be surprised at how versatile these disposable wet wipes are. Some people with sensitive skin use baby wipes because they do not cause irritation.  




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Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem With Lid (80 wipes x 3 packs) 289
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