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Buy Maternity Pillow Online at Mylo Store

Finding it hard to sleep with your regular pillow with the growing baby bump? With the body going through lots of physical and hormonal changes, it becomes difficult to catch a goodnight’s sleep. However, pregnancy is a time when proper sleep is of extreme importance.


Explore a wide range of pregnancy pillows online at Mylo Store and sleep in with comfort and ease.


Choose and Shop from different kinds of pillows for pregnant women, maternity support belts, and other pregnancy & mom care products at Mylo Store.


Mylo offers different kinds of pregnancy sleeping pillows to smoothen your pregnancy journey, such as:


Pregnancy Support Pillow


Our Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow with Washable Zip Cover helps support your body while sleeping. It is lightweight, provides support to your body, prevents back pain, and facilitates sleep.


Full Body Support Pillow


Premium Pregnancy & Maternity Support Pillow at Mylo Store, this pillow is in the shape of an hourglass and contours as per body shape. It helps prevent several kinds of body aches during pregnancy and provides much-needed support to your spine. It facilitates sleeping.


Pregnancy Wedge Pillow


Mylo brings you a pregnancy wedge pillow to support your body while sitting, relaxing, or sleeping. It is a multi-purpose pillow. If you want support while watching TV, reading a book, while working on a laptop, this is something you should buy. 


Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow


The full-body pregnancy pillows at Mylo works on giving you a sound sleep as they support your body and help ease pain in areas like the back, hip, and legs. If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow for sleeping and do not want to stack up pillows to support your pregnant body, investing in a full-body pregnancy pillow is a great idea. Get it from Mylo and ditch the pile of pillows on your bed. 


Choose Mylo for Buying a Pregnancy Support Pillow


You can use these pregnancy cushions at Mylo throughout pregnancy and, as breastfeeding support after delivery. There are pillows for pregnant women at Mylo Store that you can convert into a Mini lounger and provide breastfeeding support. 


Mylo is a store for all mommy and baby needs. All products here are made with love in India. The fabric of these pregnancy body pillows and wedge pillows is of the finest quality and does not feel harsh on the fragile body of pregnant women. 


High-Quality Products 


We at Mylo, believe in giving you the best. All our products pass through standard rigorous quality checks and are designed to keep the safety of moms and pregnant women in mind. We deliver the best quality products at the best value possible.


Exciting Offers & Discounts


While shopping for pregnancy care and essentials at Mylo Store, one thing you can get for sure. Best of offers and exciting discounts. A win-win situation for you. These perks will help you save lots on your pocket on your next purchase. Why waiting? Shop at now or just download the app and shop what suits you the best, shop for the kind of pregnancy pillow you feel is the best. 




1. Can pregnant women use a pillow?


Yes, they can.


2. Which pillow is best for sleeping in pregnancy?


Whichever suits you as per your need and the way you sleep.


3. When should pregnant women use pillows?


Pregnant women can use pillows as they were using earlier for sleeping and can use them to support their pregnant bodies as well.


4. Is C-shaped or U shape pregnancy pillow better?


It depends upon your need. Choose what suits you best.


5. What if I accidentally slept on my back while pregnant?


Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their side. It is ok if you slept on your back accidentally. Do consult your doctor in case of doubts. 



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