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Soft & Safe Toys for Babies and Toddlers at Mylo


Best Wooden Toys for Babies


At Mylo, we make toys for babies with fine quality wood with no sharp edges. These toys are listed with a piece of detailed product information and are delivered safely & hygienically at your doorstep. These toys help gross motor skill development and stimulate a baby’s brain development.


Toys for Newborn Babies


A baby’s first toy is a rattle. Explore the unique range of toys for newborn babies at Mylo. Our newborn toy collection includes fine-quality wooden rattles. Babies are delicate and should be kept away from harsh and loud noises in the first few months of their birth. Nothing could be more amusing than buying soft & soothing sound-producing musical toys for babies. Buy your baby’s first toy from the Mylo store and help them grow healthy.


Buy Baby Toys Online in India


All Mylo products are made with love in India. When you buy baby toys online in India, the Mylo store has the safest of baby toys. Right from different kinds of rattles to Xylophones, Alphabetical trains, Mylo promises rigorous quality products for your little one.


Baby Toys for 1-year Olds


At this age, babies love to pretend and play. Once your child gets control over his senses, he begins to explore his surroundings and learn from people around him. Mylo store offers toys for kids that help them pretend to play and learn new textures, shapes, and colors and help stimulate brainpower.


Baby Toys for 2-year Olds


At this age, kids become more independent and love to play on their own. Mylo offers toys for babies like wooden alphabet train could be the best option for this age group as it makes them learn to push and pull activities and helps them colors and alphabets as well. Other helpful toys could be a xylophone, dancing giraffe. Explore the Mylo store and buy baby toys at the best value.


Buy Toys for Babies online at Mylo


At Mylo, we present a plethora of soft and safe toys for babies. Buy a baby gym for infants for some playful time with super soft fabric and a mosquito net. Let your kid explore the world full of colors with various options to choose from toys for babies. Shop for newborn baby essentials, skincare, baby safety products, and toys for a newborn baby girl or a boy, 6 months old, 1-year-old or older, shop by age, pay using easy payment methods and get the happiness delivered at your doorstep in no time.




1. When should I start giving my baby toys?


It is highly recommended to give your child age-appropriate toys. In the beginning, you can give them wooden toys, rattles, and music boxes. Pulling, squeezing, and shaking toys also work great. They learn about cause and effect and repeat activities to master them.


2. Do 2-month-olds need toys?


Toys that develop a baby's physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language skills may be the right choice.  Investing in a baby gym could be the right choice to make at this age.


3. When do babies need learning toys? 


Babies and Toys Babies are always ready to learn about their environment. Anything new to them fascinates them. Give your baby toys that are safe and stimulate their senses to make them explore more.


4. What kind of toys should a 2-month-old have?


Toys that develop a baby's physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language skills may be the right choice. Toys for a 2-month-old girl may include a music box, soft books and toys for a 2-month-old boy may include a toy mobile, soft blocks.


5. Do babies need toys that make noise?


The sound attracts babies. But harsh sounds can be harmful to babies. Avoid buying toys that produce loud noises. Toys with soft and gentle noises are good options to invest in for babies not older than a year.


6. At what age do babies start seeing color?


Babies begin to perceive more and more colors between the ages of 2 and 4 months. At first, they can tell the difference between shades of green and red. The exact time when your baby sees these colors is individual. So, there is no particular week or month when this is the case for all babies. 

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