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Buy Baby Sleep Essentials at Mylo to Get Cozy Sleep Comfort for your Baby


Buy Bedding Sets at Mylo


A baby's arrival brings happiness into a family's life. Being a parent, you want to get the best for your baby. Mylo store offers a wide range of baby bedding sets for the comfort of your baby. Here at Mylo, as far as baby sleeping needs are concerned, you get nothing but the best.  

Shop from an exclusive range of baby bedding sets, baby head shaping pillows, bed protector sheets, baby hooded wrappers, and mustard seed pillows for the baby. All products at Mylo are made with fine quality fabric, are super soft, and do not harm a baby's delicate skin.


Different Colors & Patterns


All baby sleeping essentials like a quick-dry sheet for a double bed, baby wrapper with hood, newborn baby pillow for head shape, baby bed set with mosquito net, baby pillow mustard seeds, are of the finest quality. You get to choose from various vibrant colors, patterns, and designs. Shop according to your nursery theme or color scheme of the baby's bedroom and set relaxed.


Find the Perfect Baby Wrapper only at Mylo


The main reason for buying a baby wrapper is that babies can't share adult blankets as they are too heavy. Babies may feel suffocated under adult blankets. To keep your baby warm and cozy, buy baby wrappers from the Mylo Store.


The baby hooded wrappers at Mylo aim to give the best of comfort to your baby. These wrappers come with a separate leg opening and a Velcro closure. They keep the babies safe while sleeping and ensure a comfortable baby sleep. Once you get the perfect baby sleep essentials from Mylo, you yourself can sleep peacefully too.


High-Quality Products


We at Mylo, believe in giving you the best. All our products pass through standard rigorous quality checks and are designed to keep the safety of babies in mind. We deliver the best quality products at the best value possible.


Exciting Offers & Discounts


While shopping for baby needs at Mylo Store, one thing you can get for sure. Best of offers and exciting discounts. A win-win situation for you. These perks will help you save lots on your pocket on your next purchase. Why waiting? Go to now or just download the app and shop from the best of baby sleep essentials.




1. What sleeping equipment do babies need?


Cot, mosquito net, carrycot, crib, mattress, sheets and blankets, bedsheet protector.


2. What is the best thing for a newborn baby to sleep in?


In a bassinet, cradle, or crib, which is near the mother's bed. On the back, not on the side or stomach. On a firm sleeping surface, such as a firm mattress covered with a well-fitting sheet.


3. At what age can a baby have a pillow?


A child must be given a pillow to sleep on from the age of 2. Before that, there is a risk of suffocation due to the extra material in the bed. However, you can give your child a soft pillow.


4. What helps the baby sleep through the night?


a) Establish a bedtime routine.


b) Provide a calming environment.  


c) Put your baby to bed sleepy but awake. 


d) Give your baby time to calm down. 


e) Keep nighttime nursing low-key.  


f) An overload of stimulation in the evening can make it harder for your baby to get to sleep. 


5. What comes in a baby bedding set?


1 Baby Bedding Set with Mosquito Net & Play Gym Hanging Toy 


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