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Buy Baby Feeding Products Online At Mylo Store 


Introduction of Solid Food


Babies grow faster than we think the introduction of solid foods for your baby will come sooner than you think. It's probably one of the best milestones & messiest phases in your baby's first year of life. Choice-making could be tough, from the first food to high chairs, cutlery, etc. It is natural to get overwhelmed with lots of information available and get bogged down with the decisions. Baby feeding utensils can work as a savior to feed your baby with ease.


Right Time to Introduce Solids


The ideal time to introduce solid food is six months. The first step towards solids is recognizing the signs of readiness. Then move on to plan on the baby's diet expansion. List, buy & have a good supply of baby solid feeding products, foods, & all the baby feeding utensils like baby cutlery and baby feeding bottles to lessen the stress. Mylo store could work as your rescue as it offers a wide range of the best baby solid feeding products. 


Dealing with the Mess while Feeding


When your baby stares at a plate full of food, it's hard to suppress their instinct to reach for it and throw it all around. Here is some good news, self-feeding utensils like baby dishes and plates with suction cups and high rims can help keep the mess at bay. Investing in baby feeding products is a good idea to smoothen the process of feeding. 


Baby Feeding Products for Starting Solids


Most experts recommend using baby feeding products or a baby feeding bottle between 10 and 12 months. Mark a spoon as the first thing on your child's tray. Most children can use a spoon and fork to feed themselves by the age of 15 to 18 months. The early usage of self-feeding utensils makes the kids more independent.    


Non-toxic Feeding Products


Many parents limit themselves to inferior plastic for their babies, not knowing that there are many safe, non-toxic, and stylish alternatives to serve food. When it comes to baby feeding products for starting solids Mylo offers the best kind of non-toxic baby feeding utensils like Silicone Fruit & vegetable feeder made with food-grade silicone, Soft Silicone Squeezy food feeder made with food-grade plastic and non-toxic silicone, stainless steel feeding bottles, and more. The baby feeding products at Mylo are made with non-toxic and baby-safe material. The products are designed to keep the safety of babies in mind. Explore the store to know more! 


Buy Baby Feeding Products


Feeding bottles or baby self-feeding utensils are the baby essentials you need the most. A good bottle is directly related to your baby's health. Buying baby feeding products online in India from Mylo makes your search for baby feeding bottles online way easier. Mylo offers a unique and safe range of baby feeding utensils at affordable prices. You get the best baby feeding utensils in India at Mylo. All products here meet the strict regulatory requirements to ensure that they are safe for the little ones.




1. What baby feeding material is best?


The safest material for baby bottles is probably glass. With glass bottles, nothing can spill into the milk or baby food. If possible, choose glass for storing breast milk as well. Food-grade stainless steel is the next best alternative to glass.


2. What should I buy for newborn feeding?


10-16 Bottles and nipples, Bottle warmer, Bottle sterilizer, Bottlebrush, Wipes, 2-4 pacifiers, Formula (if not breastfeeding). 


3. What should I feed my baby if no breast milk?


If you do not want to breastfeed, you can give your baby expressed breast milk (EBM), formula, or a combination of EBM and formula milk, known as mixed feeding.


4. Should I wake the baby to feed?


Newborns who sleep for long periods should wake up for feedings. Wake your baby every 3to 4 hours for feedings until he or she gains good weight, usually within the first few weeks. After that, it is possibly OK to let your baby sleep for longer periods at night.


5. What foods increase milk supply?


Fenugreek, oatmeal or oat milk, fennel seeds, poultry, garlic, green leafy vegetables, cumin seeds, holy basil, sesame seeds, carrots, barley, salmon, sweet potato, almonds, chickpea, milk, water, green tea, curry leaves, lentils, and tofu.


6. What fruits help produce breast milk?


Watermelon, green papaya, apricots, strawberries, bananas, avocados, and sapota. 


7.  How do you spoon feed a baby?


The first food for most babies is an iron-rich cereal porridge mixed with breast milk or formula. Hold the spoon near your baby's lips and let him smell and taste it. Do not feel sad if the baby rejects the first spoonful. Wait for some time and try again.

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