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Buy Baby Clothes Online at Mylo Store


Babies are a cute little bundle of happiness in our lives. These cupcakes of our lives look adorable when dressed up in vibrant colors and prints. If you look to buy newborn, infant, and baby clothes, Mylo offers cute and comfy summer and winter wear clothing for your baby.


Different Types of Newborn Dresses


At Mylo store, you get to all kinds of newborn baby dresses be it onesies, jumpsuits, nappies, cloth diapers, jhablas, and more. You get to shop from an all-new range of winter wear clothing. Buy newborn winter clothes like cardigans, stockings, pullovers, sweaters, caps, sweater and lounge pants set, caps, baby wrappers to keep your munchkin warm and cozy.


1. Jumpsuits


Buy this most convenient newborn and baby clothing at the Mylo store in the finest quality of fabric and in cute designs and patterns.


2. Cotton Jhablas and Nappies


Buy these summer delight outfits for your newborn or infant at the best value and best quality. Buy these at discounted prices and get them delivered to your doorstep.


3. Baby Wrappers


Babies should be kept warm at times. Invest in different styled baby wrappers and give cuddly cozy comfort to your baby. Buy baby clothes online only at Mylo.


4. Mittens, Booties & Cap Sets


As far as newborn outfits are concerned, the first and foremost thing a parent should buy is a set of mittens, booties, and caps. Mylo essentials set of mittens, booties and cap is made of 100% cotton fabric and keeps your baby warm in all seasons.


5. Newborn Winter Clothing


Mylo has recently come up with its all-new collection of winter wear clothing for newborns, infants, and babies. This exclusive range consists of footed pants, sweaters, cardigans, heavy jersey jumpsuits, stockings, sweaters, footed pants and cap sets, Kimono sweaters, pom-pom caps, and a lot more.

You can also shop for washable diapers, baby wet wipes, baby shampoo, moisturizer, and all other baby and family needs at our store. 


The Quality of Baby Clothes 


Buy Baby boy and girl clothing only at the Mylo store as our winter wear clothing is made with 100% organic cotton, and summer clothes are also made with cotton-rich fabric. We aim at keeping the baby’s delicate skin free from all kinds of discomfort.


Shop for antibacterial baby socks at the Mylo store to keep your baby’s feet covered. These socks are sweat-resistant, are stretchable, and do not drop off while crawling, playing, or walking.


Secure payment & check-out


When you buy baby clothes online at the Mylo store, secure payment and check-out is the promise we keep. Get Free delivery on orders above 299. Get the best of offers and discounts. (*T & C apply). We offer an easy return policy to our customers and give the best value possible.   




1. What should a newborn baby wear?


Comfortable, soft, and easy-to-maintain clothing is essential. Jumpsuits that zip across the front, as well as shirts with envelope necks, are the greatest for babies since they're easy to slip over their heads. Zip-up baby jumpsuits may make getting dressed in an instant, too. Cotton-based clothing is an excellent option.



2. Will a newborn fit in 0-3 months?


"Newborn" covers a wide variety of sizes, so your baby will likely be able to wear it right away. As long as she doesn't outgrow her current size, you may swap any extras for the following size up 0 to 3 months, which typically fits newborns between 8 and 12.5 pounds.  


3. Are onesies okay for newborns?


Onesie is all she needs to wear beneath her swaddling blanket, as long as she enjoys it. If she has a habit of scratching herself, you may buy long-sleeved onesies with built-in gloves. Try a sleep sack if your infant doesn't like swaddling. 


4. What are baby onesies called?


As a T-shirt substitute for newborn babies, an infant bodysuit or onesie is a garment with an extension below the waist and snaps that you may use to seal the crotch.  


5. What clothes should newborns sleep in?


Swaddling works successfully for most newborns. Snuggly wrapping newborns may make them feel comfortable and secure. Cotton or muslin, both light and breathable, are excellent options for wrapping and tucking since they are both simple to wrap and tuck.  


6. What is the difference between romper and onesie?


The legs area is the most significant distinction between a onesie and a romper. In comparison, a onesie has no legs area defined and has only two or three snap closures at the crotch. 

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