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Baby Carrier for Newborn and Babies at Mylo Store


Buy Baby Carrier Online to Move Leisurely


Baby carrier eases up your life. If you know the correct usage of a baby carrier, it allows you to keep your baby near to your heart along with finishing up your chores, moving leisurely, taking a walk, and helping ease other everyday tasks. Mylo offers a unique range of premium baby carriers to hold your baby comfortably and perfectly.


Buy Best Baby Carriers


Mylo offers different kinds of baby carriers that are best for everyday use. Our baby carriers are of firm quality and are easy to assemble in several different positions as per requirement. The material of these carriers is super comfortable and does not harsh baby’s delicate skin. If you are looking for cushioned comfort and easy-to-use baby carriers, buy the best baby carriers at the Mylo store.


Baby Carrier for A Newborn


Parents should avoid using baby carriers for newborns and infants. Avoid using baby carriers till the age of 4 months. Mylo is an online platform that educates its users regarding the usage of baby gear. At Mylo store, when you look for buying a baby carrier online, our products are listed with a complete product description that talks about the product’s usage, material, wash instructions, wear instructions, customer and expert reviews, and ratings.


Variety of Colors


Mylo offers different colors and designs to shop for a baby carrier. Choose from the wide range of color choices and have a delightful shopping experience.


Perks & Offers


Buy Baby Carrier online at, choose from various offers and discounts. We aim to deliver the best quality products at the best value to our customers. Our discount categories include first-time customers, combo offers, freebies, Mylo coins, etc.


Mylo- A One-stop Solution for All Baby needs


Mylo has a pyramid of products for all baby needs. We guide you if you want to buy a carrier for newborns and offer other helpful products you need while you are on the parenting upfront. Buy best baby carries, baby skincare products, baby bathing needs, baby grooming products, baby hair care products, all at Mylo Store. 

Secure Check-out


When you buy baby gear online, stay assured that your money is in safe hands as our payment gateway and check-out are safe and secure. Reach our customer care if you dislike the product or help us resolve all your issues regarding your shopping experience.


Still, thinking? Relive your childhood, keep your baby comfortable, near your heart and ease up your daily life and buy the best baby carriers at the Mylo store. Buy now!   




1. Can you use a baby carrier with a newborn?


Parents should avoid using carriers for babies under four months of age. Start using a baby carrier when the baby's neck has enough strength to hold up.


2. What is a newborn baby carrier called?  

A sling or baby carrier is a piece of fabric that lifts an infant or other young child off the caregiver's body.


3. How long can a newborn be in a carrier?


There is no exact maximum time for carrying a baby in a sling. As a general rule, a baby should not stay in a sling for more than 2 hours. In reality, however, this depends on the situation, the baby carrier used, the age of your baby, its strength, etc.


5. Do baby carriers hurt babies’ legs?


Yes, incorrect positioning can affect hip development in some babies. It has been proven that holding a baby's legs together for long periods of time in early infancy can cause or even worsen hip dysplasia and lead to hip dislocations.


6. Is it bad for a baby to sleep in a carrier?


Do not let your baby sleep in a baby carrier, sling, car seat, or stroller. There is a high risk of suffocation. If your baby falls asleep in it, take him out and put him in his crib as soon as possible.


7. Can I sit down with the baby carrier?


Yes, babywearing is safe. It is important that the baby's legs and feet are not crushed by the baby carrier.


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