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Hello to all mommies, actually mujhe ye puchna tha ki vise to mere baby k liye BM enough h every two hour k baad milk apne ap hi gurna start ho jata h but baby ko 1 week se pta nii kya ho rha daily 10 bje k around uth jata h or fir 1 bje tk sota nhi h bhot hi chidchida ho jata h rote rhna bss dudh mangna mooh m nipple le kr thoda sa peena fir rone lg jana or fir dudh chahiye mtlb yhi circle raat ko 1-2 bje tk chlta h bhot preshan hu daily stitches li vjh se jada der god m le k baithe rhne se stitches m pain hoti h, meri mmi khte may be tera dudh se pait na bhrta ho iska upr ka dudh pilana start kr dete h, baby bottle se milk to le rha h but m FM nhi dena chahti baby ko or BM itna bhi ni hota ki bottle bhr jaye to is k alawa koi or milk nii de skte baby ko??? Any suggestions please.


Agar daily same time hai rone ka toh colic k wajese rora hai agar bm enough nhi hota toh din mei bhi rota tha but same time toh colic hai aur raat mei sota hai kya agar sota hai toh koi koi baby din ya raat mei thoda toh ek time satege meri baby pehle raat mei roti thi sirf ghod mei lege toh hi soti lekin ab morning ho gaya

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@shazia9325 hmm dear din M pure aram se sota h bss roj same tym 10-1 ye roj ka h

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@manisha77746 thoda aur dekhlo fm nhi shuru karo fir doctor se consult karo colic ki medicine dege

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Colic ka hi prblm h.. Dr. Ko dikhao wo medicine dege sone se pahle wo khilao thik rahega fir

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@sada******aig thank u dear❤️

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@shazia9325 thank you ?

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