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Hello mommies . Pls suggest. Dr has given me a choice for normal delivery or c section... I dont have any complications by god grace. But i m scared of normal delivery a lot. I am not able to take decision.Agr operation karwaya toh uske bat normal rehta h kya health n life?Kisi ne operation karaya ho recently pls suggest.. i am scared of normal delivery islie planning to operation... My family is ok with operation.. as they also feel i cant bear labour pain.. its my fst preganancy.Please help me out in this situation...


Dear painless hua tha mera aur c section bhi nahi or labour pain built nahi,aap dare nahi time par sab ho jata hai

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@sudha123 normal tha apka ya c apka??

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Dear God aapko utna hi pain deta h jitna aap seh sako to isliye i would suggest normal delivery rather thn c-sec... kyunki c-sec k bd problems aati hi hain

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Sbka alg experience rehta h.. Aap jisme comfortable ho wo decision aap confidence se lo..

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If u have no complication go for normal.

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@Gneha mera more normal delivery ka man h... But not confident in that

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