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Hello mommies. My baby girl is november born and she is going to complete 10 months. My issue is that she didn't eat properly and I have to struggle a lot to feed her. She was on breastfeeding since age of 6 months after tha we started to give solid foods. She didn't like banana and other sweet foods so I started to give her khicdi, mashed daal etc. But now she is not taking even salty foods. My milk has also decreased, it comes only 40 ml after duration of 3 hours. She also not like formula milk nor she like to feed with bottle. Her wt is now 7.2 kg and birth wt was 2.87. She was 6.5 kg at age of 6 months. What should I do? Please reply


Dear solid is a new world for baby... Do not force feed

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Same problem here mera baby bhi Nov and uska bhi yahi hal? fm toh bilkul ny peeta

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@aishakhan30 ok. How was the birth weight and what is the wt right now?

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Please don't give sugar and salt to baby till she is 1 years old. You can start giving makahna powder with a hint of jaggery Powder, dry fruits Powder again with a very small amount of jaggery. Start giving her home made ghee etc

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@hinarehman birth weight 2.750grm and now 7.100

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Feed her from your plate when you are eating That's what I do with my grandson

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