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Blessed with a baby boy via normal delivery and here are my tips for all the moms to be.These little tips helped me so much during the active labour and made my birthing experience a lot easier. I delivered my baby in just 5 hours which is not too long for women bearing their first child. The best part is that these tips helped me feel strong aftr birth because my energy was saved with these.So lets begin1. A simple breathing technique worked like wonders during labour pains. Jab pain aaye naak sey lambi saans lo and muh sey shodo. Har baar aisa hi kro..dekhna bohat zada araam milega2. Jab pain aayega toh aapko apna uterus and back ka area loose shodna hai bilkul...tight ni krna usko...issey baby jaldi sey neechey aayegA3. Tell ur mom or smone to massage ur back jab pain aaye..issey bhi araam milega4. Mainey walk kr k pains liye ..beech beech mein I would start walking. Trust me I felt much better.5. Laitna hai toh side ley k bhi side comfortable hai..dnt lie on ur back.6. Most important push tab hi krna jab doctor bolein...and push krney mein apna poora zor laga dena...and 2-3 push mein aapka baby bahar aa jayega. Agar acha push kia toh stitches bhi kamm aayengey and recovery fast hogi7. Sabsey badi baat hai positive affirmation. Just start telling ur brain u r a powerful soul. Pains aaye jab, sirf ek baat bolni hai dil mein..dat I am powerful, my body is powerful and I am moving closer to my miracle moment, my baby love.Trust me ladies, mainey jeevan bhar darpok, week, yahi words suney hain when it came to my health. But just because of positive self talk, self faith and following the instructions of my doctor, my delivery became really smooth and I feel so good after the whole process. I hope this helps you in sm way.


Congratulations for the baby and thank you for sharing such important tips ❤️❤️

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@gazala30 pleasure dear...and thankew

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Congratulations dear

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@shwetasharma780 thnks dear

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