1 Month Weight-loss Plan for Healthy Conception

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1 Month Weight-loss Plan for Healthy Conception  ABOUT THE PLAN

It is important to take care of your body and its fitness. Your health keeps you going and will increase your chances of conception. If you’re looking for a weight loss plan and want a happy and healthy pregnancy, look no further! We have got a plan for you!

  • 1 Month Weight loss plan

  • Personalized Audio/ Video Consultations of up to 30 mins

  • A Customized Diet Plan according to your health & lifestyle.

  • Guidance on Healthy Recipes

  • Online Audio/ Video Consultation

  • Weekly Follow-ups to keep a track of your weight loss journey

1 Month Weight-loss Plan for Healthy Conception  KNOW THE PROCESS

Once you confirm, you will receive a call from Mylo Customer Care Executive to confirm your basic details.

1 Month Weight-loss Plan for Healthy Conception  KNOW THE PROCESS

Your information will be passed on to the Mylo Health Expert.

1 Month Weight-loss Plan for Healthy Conception  KNOW THE PROCESS

We will set up a consultation with Expert Doctor, then based on parameters like Height, Weight, Muscles, Resting Metabolism, etc., you will get a Personalized Diet Plan by a Mylo Expert Doctor based on the parameters provided.

1 Month Weight-loss Plan for Healthy Conception  KNOW THE PROCESS

Follow-up Sessions will be provided to know the impact of the Diet-plan and to make improvements in diet-plans if required.

  • Ques : Should we weigh ourselves often?

    Ans : Yes, you can do that every week. But it is advisable not to stress over the weighing numbers and keep taking advice from your dietitian.

  • Ques : Shall we drink water before meals to lose weight faster?

    Ans: Though, it is a good idea to drink water before meals. It keeps you full, and you eat less. But always ask your dietitian before doing the same.


| 246 Reviews
Vanya_Gupta avatar image

40 weeks pregnant

thanks mylo for helping me out

Nice diet. Very effective and tasty. Easily doable and all the products are available here itself so you don't have to fuss over buying different things from different shops.! They don't starve you and as the food taste goods, you don't crave for junk food. easy going diet and thanks mylo for helping me out

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priyamoudgill avatar image

Posted when 39 weeks pregnant

feeling healthier faster this plan

after taking this paln my skin and hair problems get resolved and now i am on healhtier side now planning for pregnancy

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Pihu_Verma avatar image

40 weeks pregnant

Thank you Mylo

Mylo has helped me to achieve my objective of 7 kgs in just 3 months. I will always be indebted for their guidance and support in the last few months. The best part is that neither they recommends or sell any product. All the focus is on the home cooked food. Thank you so much again Mylo.

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Maryam_Verma avatar image

Posted when mother of 1 year

diet chart according to routine

mylo app ki help se mera weigh bahut kaam hua yahan dietician apki sunte hai and puri diet apke routine k according banate haijoeasy hai follow karn me

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