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Baby Wipes

Wipes are disposable piece of cloth like material/towel or paper/tissue generally infused with baby – safe chemicals or water-based lotion and are used for cleaning purposes. They can be baby wipes or wet wipes depending upon their intended use. Wipes for baby are used to clean baby’s bottom & keep diaper area well hydrated and rash free. Baby Wet wipes often have anti-bacterial properties that keeps the skin soft and reduces germs. Wet wipes for baby’s are pre-moistened and are disposable. Baby wet wipes can be used after their meals, while travelling, while the baby plays outdoors and even during a diaper change.

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What are Baby Wipes?  

Baby wipes are disposable cloth pieces in towel or tissue form infused with safe and gentle ingredients for cleansing purposes. They can be used for cleaning the baby’s bottom and keeping the diaper area hydrated and rash-free. Baby wet wipes often come in handy after meals, while travelling and even during a diaper change. Wipes usually have anti-bacterial properties that keep germs away.  


Are Baby Wipes good for private parts of a baby? 

Yes, alcohol and chemical-free baby wipes can be used for cleaning your baby’s private parts during a diaper change. You must always make sure that the wipes are made with safe and natural ingredients and free of any toxins or added fragrance as it may irritate your baby’s skin. Water-based wipes or baby wet wipes are usually considered safe for cleaning private parts of babies. 


When can I start using Baby Wipes on my newborn?  

Since newborns have delicate skin, you cannot just use any product on them: they necessitate the need for gentle skin-friendly products. Baby wipes can be used on the child's sensitive skin as long as they are fragrance-free and do not contain added alcohol or other harmful ingredients. Baby wipes that are water-based and made with natural ingredients can be used for your newborn.  


Can you use wet wipes as Baby Wipes?  

Wet wipes are pre-moistened baby wipes and can be used for cleansing purposes. Before using wet wipes for baby’s skin, you must make sure the wet wipes don’t contain any harmful ingredients like alcohol, added fragrance or chemicals as they may irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. If the wet wipes are made with natural ingredients, you can use them as baby wipes for your little one. 


How do you use Baby Wipes?  

  • First, you must choose the right baby wipes for your little one that are alcohol-free, fragrance-free and chemical-free. 

  • You should also look for baby wet wipes that come with a seal so that it’s easy to store them and they don’t dry out. 

  • When in need, gently peel the sticker on baby wipes packet and pull the wipes out, as many required. 

  • Re-seal the flap to prevent any moisture loss.  

  • You can use the baby wet wipes during every diaper change, after meals and while travelling. 

  • After using the baby wet wipes, you must always throw them away. 


How long do baby wipes last before drying out?  

Most baby wipes last for about 4 weeks from opening before drying out completely. If the baby wet wipes come in sealed packaging and are sealed after every use, they are less likely to dry out and will last longer. To prevent moisture loss, it is important to re-seal the baby wipes after every use. Baby wipes generally come with a 2–3-year expiration date before which they must be used.  

Buy Baby Wipes at Mylo 

Baby wipes help clean the baby’s bum in a gentle way to keep the baby’s skin moisturized and soothed. Ingredients mainly include aloe vera, vitamin-e, calendula extract etc. 


Buy Baby Wipes Online 

Buy baby wipes online after checking out the range of baby wipes as each one may come with different ingredients, do refer to the label when it comes to picking up a product.  


Mylo Baby Wipes Products 

GENTLE ON BABY’S SKIN: Mylo Baby Wipes are made with organic coconut oil & organic aloe vera, which are known for their healing & nourishing properties. Hence, our baby wet wipes are extremely gentle on your baby’s skin. Our wet wipes have been dermatologically tested and so, it is absolutely safe for babies & free from harsh ingredients. 

EASY TO USE: Mylo wipes are extremely easy to use. Simply open the lid & pull the wipes out as required. Close the lid to prevent moisture loss. 

RELIEVES DIAPER RASHES: The presence of neem and Vitamin E, along with organic coconut oil & organic aloe vera in Mylo baby wipes helps to relieve diaper rashes in babies. 

SAFE FOR NEWBORN: To ensure maximum safety of babies, Mylo baby wipes are free from SLS, Parabens & pH Balanced. They are safe to be used from 0+ month onwards. 

MULTIPURPOSE – The most advantageous thing about Mylo wipes is that they can be used for various different purposes, starting from cleaning baby bums, cleaning baby’s face & hands to removing makeup, cleaning pacifiers, as a toilet paper substitute during travel, quick-fix cleaning, making your shoes shine, cleaning the refrigerator & cleaning mobile phones & laptops. 


Mylo Care 

Skin Type 


Product Benefits 


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Material free 

SLS Free, Alcohol Free 


Aloe Vera 


Why buy Baby Wipes from Mylo? 

Don’t compromise with your baby’s skin care, buy Mylo baby wipes without any compromise as they are know to be effective, eco-friendly and tested for skin-safety.  


Baby Wipes Price List

Buy Baby Wipes at Mylo Store Price
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem Without Lid (80 wipes x 2 packs) 149
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem Without Lid (80 wipes x 3 packs) 289
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem Without Lid (80 wipes x 6 packs) 509
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem With Lid(80 wipes x 6 packs) 539
Combo of Free Size Washable & Reusable Cloth Diaper (3M-3Y)-Pack of 3(Twinkle +ABC +Rainbow) with Coconut oil & Neem based Wipes - Pack of 3 1399
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem With Lid (80 wipes x 3 packs) 299
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem With Lid (80 wipes x 8 packs) 779
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem With Lid (80 wipes x 10 packs) 959
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem Without Lid (80 wipes x 8 packs) 739
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem Without Lid (80 wipes x 10 packs) 909
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem With Lid (80 wipes x 9 packs) 869
Gentle Baby Wipes with Organic Coconut Oil & Neem Without Lid (80 wipes x 9 packs) 829


1. Is it bio-degradable product?  

Ans - Yes, it is bio-degradable

2. Is it dermatologically tested? 

Ans - It is alcohol free and dermatologically tested.

3. What is the pH value for the wipes? 

Ans - The pH value is equal to 7.

4. What is the difference between wet wipes and baby wipes?  

Ans - Baby wipes and wet wipes are made with different formulations. Wet wipes are usually alcohol-based and have antibacterial properties, so they can be used to clean surfaces and keep germs away. On the other hand, baby wipes are made with safe and natural ingredients that help to moisturize and clean your baby’s skin.

5. Does baby wipes clean poop? 

Ans - Yes, you can use wet wipes for baby’s poop cleaning. They are soft and moistened and gently clean your baby’s bottom and private parts.

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