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Hi mommiess... I am at my home in Bhopal and have to travel back to my sasural that is in Bangalore, when can I travel and can I go by air or by train? which will be more safe? and when? My Daughter is 1 month 10 days old.

Hi everyone...I'm 10wk pregnant...plz tel me is it safe to travel after 3months???

Mujhe 4 months complete ho jaege pregnancy k august kya me aug ki end me amritsar bhar ghumne jaa skti hu 2 din k liye out of station please suggest me..trip is good for me in this situation..

Is it safe to travel during early pregnancy?

It is as safe to travel during early pregnancy as it is when you’re not pregnant. Of course, you should take all the necessary travel precautions that you would otherwise, and be especially careful during pregnancy. The major risk during early pregnancy is, of course, travel sickness. You don’t develop travel sickness if you’ve never had it before just because you’re pregnant. However, travelling during pregnancy can still be an unpleasant experience. This is because travelling often makes morning sickness symptoms like nausea and vomiting worse.   Safety Tips For Travelling During Pregnancy Travel Safe Wear seat-belts properly, fastening it under your lower lap and fitting it above your pregnancy bump and between your breasts Checkup: Get a thorough medical checkup done, before going for travel. Do not plan any travel unless your obstetrician gives you a green signal Take your prenatal records: Make it a pint to carry all your prenatal records and ultrasonography records. You never know when the need arises Carry medicines: Do not forget to carry your vitamins and other medicines prescribed by the obstetrician and keep it in a separate small bag Contact number: Another important safety precaution is to take your doctor’s personal number and give it to your spouse as well. This is very helpful if you experience any problem and want to seek doctor’s advice. Your doctor will be just a call away from you Keep moving: Walking around every half hourly is important as travelling can cause development of fatal blood clot and moving frequently cut down this potential risk Maintain hygiene: Keeping proper toilet hygiene is very important while travelling. Use a squat toilet instead of western toilet seat. Always ask your spouse or a friend to accompany you till the washroom door to be on the safer side Carry munchies: Carry ample amount of dry snacks, drinking water bottles and fruits as you might feel hungry every now and then. Pregnant women should not step down to buy eatables on short stoppages as it can prove risky Be slow and patient: When your destination arrives move towards the exit door 10 minutes prior to evade the last minute scuttle. Be slow and steady when you jiggle stairways or passages, and if you need to wait, wait patiently. There is no rush   The expecting mother should know about the ins and outs of safe traveling. No matter whether you are traveling by road or by train, pregnant women should keep some important points in mind as useful guidelines. Make sure you wear comfortable flat footwear so you can maintain your balance while walking – be it airport, road or in the train or at the station. Be careful about the stray shoes or pieces of luggage lying here and there while walking. Wearing loose cotton clothing should be worn while traveling. You can carry a light shawl for night   How to Prepare for the Trip Prepare a flask of peppermint or ginger tea and take it with you on the journey. It helps alleviate nausea. Get your car suspension checked and tyres bumped up to make sure that the ride isn’t any bumpier than it needs to be. Schedule for lots of breaks in your journey and leave accordingly. Make sure you stop immediately if you start feeling restless or dizzy. Make sure you visit the doctor if you are in an accident, even if it is a minor one and you feel completely fine. Your doctor will check and make sure the baby is okay. Things to Do During Trips If you’re not too unwell, try driving. The person who is driving the car rarely feels sick. Sit in the front passenger seat in the car. If you’re taking a bus, try to sit towards the front of the bus rather than at the back. The front experiences a lot less jerky movements. Take deep breaths if you start to feel sick. Good distractions include listening to music or chatting with a co-passenger. Keep your head as still as you possibly can. Look at a single point in the distance and keep staring out of the window. If you feel stuffy inside the car open a window and let some fresh air inside. If you’re travelling on a boat or a plane, choose a seat closer to the middle as this is where you will feel the least movement when the weather is rough.  

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Helo dear mommies I want to ask u my grandfather in law is in critical situation so we have to shift to village fr 20 days with my 9 months old baby which food I use to take so it takes less tym n I vil made it everywhere plz help

Best 10 Babymoon Tips

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Top 5 Packing Tips For Your Babymoon

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5 Bollywood Couples And Their Babymoon Destinations

Amidst the eternal struggle of not being able to afford that Goa vacation; hating each and every friend on your Facebook friend list who is currently on holiday on some exotic foreign shore; and trying not to gawk too hard at celebrity sojourns abroad, we know it sometimes gets difficult to breathe. Then you go ahead and rue the fact that of all the things you could be bad at, you also suck at breathing now. But fret not guys, we have more asthma-inducing, unattainable AF travel goals from our very own Bollywood celebrities. You must already know that celebrities can go to the prettiest places on Earth, whenever they want. But, in addition to exotic honeymoon getaways and owning legit spectacular holiday homes across the world, they have now started this trend of going to babymoons. Confused about what it is? Let Imran Khan explain it, "After marriage, you go on a honeymoon and before a baby is born you go on a babymoon, it is the last holiday before you have a child. It was very relaxing." Now, are you curious to know which places these esteemed, privileged folks choose to go relax right before a baby comes into their lives (and slightly increase your stress levels about all the unattainable life goals you will never be able to afford)? Here they are: 1. Shahid and Mira Kapoor These two headed off to the Maldives for their babymoon. 2. Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan Kareena has said it plenty of times that her favorite holiday destination is Gstaad and allegedly they even own their very own chalet over there. But, the duo went to Dubai for their babymoon. 3. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra These two went to two places in their bid to rest and relax through the pre-baby days. They went to Switzerland and had a stopover in London on their way back. 4. Imran Khan and Avantika Malik-Khan They headed off to Europe for their last vacation together before Imara came along. 5. Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra This very private duo flew away to Europe as well, for their babymoon. Content Source Featured Image Source  

Best 10 Baby Moon Tips

Let's face it: These next few months are probably your last chance for some real alone time with your partner for quite a while. Many couples indulge by enjoying the last bit of sanity in their own homes, but if you're one of us that plans to get the heck out of town (and maybe get a little pampering while we have the excuse), here are a few tips to keep you safe and happy on your last big child-free getaway (aka "babymoon"). 1. Agree on the Locale Maybe you're thinking someplace local. (Fun fact: 80 percent of couples planning a babymoon pick a domestic destination, according to The Bump 2016 Member Survey.) Or maybe you're dreaming of a tropical getaway. (After all, 40 percent of surveyed members were eager for a relaxing beach vacation.) Either way, make sure whatever locale you settle on appeals to you both so you can relax and enjoy your time together. 2. Check Restrictions Take a look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel advisories. Zika outbreaks, for example, mean the CDC is discouraging discretionary travel to infected areas. We're hearing less about Zika these days, but especially if you're planning to travel abroad, it's smart to brush up on your Zika facts and how you can protect yourself. If you’re flying, check with the airline to be sure they'll let you on the plane! Most physicians say it’s safe to fly up to 36 weeks, but airlines have varying restrictions, including different policies for domestic and international travel. Cruise lines have restrictions too: Royal Caribbean won’t allow you to travel when you enter your 27th week, Celebrity Cruise Lines only allows those less than 26 weeks, and Princess Cruises sets their limit at 24 weeks. 3. Minimize Travel Time Enduring a layover or a 10-hour car ride is no way to start a relaxing trip. Make sure you choose a location that won’t require too much effort. 4. Travel Now! (2nd Trimester) The second trimester should be the most comfortable time to travel. By now, the nausea of the first trimester is hopefully a distant memory and you aren't quite as uncomfortable as you will be in a few weeks. (According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the safest time to travel is from 18 to 24 weeks.) 5. Keep Your OB in the Loop Traveling presents a new set of hurdles when you’re pregnant. The most important thing is safety, so make sure you speak with your doctor before booking your trip. (Especially if you're carrying multiples or are considered "high risk," don't be too disappointed if your doctor wants to keep you close to home.) 6. Vaccinations If you plan to travel overseas, check in with your doctor about any necessary vaccines. 7. Check Out Medical Facilities When researching locations, find out if they have access to quality medical facilities near the area (just in case). Write down the contact info for nearby hospitals to keep on hand as you travel, along with a number for contacting your OB. 8. Wear Your Seatbelt Low If you’re driving, wear the seatbelt with the shoulder portion over the collarbone and the lap portion under the abdomen as low as possible on the hips. You’ll save yourself and your belly from hitting the dashboard in the event of a car accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also recommends moving your seat as far back as possible (and tilting it back slightly) to maximize the distance between you and the dashboard or steering wheel. 9. Cruising? Not Without a Doctor! If you plan on taking to the seas, make sure there is a health care provider on board. Many smaller ships (fewer than 100 passengers) don't have medical personnel on staff. 10. Keep Your Blood Pumping No matter how you're traveling, try to get up and move around every hour or two to aid circulation, and try not to cross your legs, you'll lessen the risk of blood clots. Keeping your tootsies elevated will also help out by preventing swelling and leg cramps. (Once you've arrived, we're sure you can handle the whole "blood pumping" thing on your own...) Content Source Featured Image Source

5 Effective packing tips for your Babymoon

Planning a Babymoon? Here’s How to pack light and right: 1. Make a list and check it twice. Create a list before you begin packing to keep the process organized and ensure you’re taking only the necessary items. I believe, when in doubt, leave it out! Consider where you’re going, who you’ll be seeing and, of course, climate. 2. Stick to a color scheme. Maximize versatility and suitcase space by packing items that fit within a three-way color scheme: I recommend two neutrals and an accent color. My favorites are black, gray and turquoise or brown, tan and red. Mix and match pieces in these palettes and you’ll have several interchangeable vacation looks that flatter a baby bump. 3. Wear the bulkiest items en route. Avoid wasting prime real estate in your carry-on by wearing any jackets, chunky shoes and jeans on the plane instead of packing them. Make sure your jeans are comfortable and have some stretch. 4.  Load up on accessories. Accessories are size-less, easily easy to wedge into suitcase corners and can transform your look without a complete outfit change. Keep lots of brightly colored scarves and statement jewelry.  5. Roll ‘em! Rolling is a great space-saving, wrinkle-reducing technique for packing clothes. It works for shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses, and is a fun way to get the kids involved in packing (If you have older kid(s)). Content Source