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7 reasons why you can't get sleep at night

One of the best things you can do to manage insomnia while you’re pregnant is to have a good sleep routine. Begin by trying to go to bed at the same time every night. Start your routine with something relaxing to help you unwind.  Avoid screen time at least an hour before bed. Blue light from the TV, your mobile phone, or tablet can have an impact on your body’s circadian rhythm. Try reading a book instead. Taking a soothing bath might also make you sleepy. Just be careful that the temperature isn’t too hot — that can be dangerous for your developing baby. This is especially true during early pregnancy. Being pregnant is the best phase of your life, this is the common term everyone says, but no one tells you about the challenges. There are also a lot of sleepless nights that a woman has to face. As, the reasons can vary as per your body but the most common ones are discussed below: Frequent visit to the bathroom: Holding a life inside you is not easy. As you eat you eat for two, similarly as you drink your water intake also increases. The more you drink the more you want to pee. Your bathroom visits can make you stay up during nights. Indigestion: The hormones play a major role in here, increase in hormones can lead to indigestion. Avoid eating spicy food and opting for a healthy diet can be of help here. On the other hand, avoid eating two hours before going to bed can be of help. Baby’s movement: Baby’s like to move in the womb when mothers are lying still. Movement in the rib cage is uncomfortable for mothers and can make you stay up for all time.   Even if you are not able to sleep after adequate efforts, see your doctor and get help rightaway. Feature Image Source

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Mobile usage during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when a woman needs to observe extra safety measures to ensure the well being of her child as well as herself. By now you must be well aware of why you should eat healthy foods and give up junk food during pregnancy, but do you know that little things that form a part of your daily life can also harm your pregnancy? Radiation from a mobile phone, computers, and wireless routers can also affect your pregnancy. A pregnant woman is exposed to various environmental influences that may be tough to pinpoint one thing that may affect her pregnancy. The use of electronic devices emitting radiation, like WIFI routers and smartphones, has remarkably increased in recent times. This implies that a pregnant woman may be exposed to enormous quantities of radiation even if she is not using a mobile phone. Does mobile usage really affect your pregnancy? However, researchers advocate that mobile phones emit radio waves, a type of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation, which is not likely to affect the health of the mother or of the growing fetus. Though some studies suggest that long-term use of a mobile phone can trigger insomnia, reduced bone density, and brain also. But exposure to lower and limited levels of mobile radiation may not be harmful to your health. Therefore it makes sense to limit your exposure to a cell phone during pregnancy by curtailing the usage time. These emissions are low levels of energy waves that may not infiltrate deep into the human tissues but can harm your eyes. Mobile phones are usually rated based on the frequency of radiation it emits. This rating is known as SAR (specific absorption rate) value, which informs you about the maximum quantity of radiation your body may absorb when using a mobile. The SAR of different phones may vary as per the model and brand. The higher a mobile phone’s SAR value, the more is the radiation absorbed by the person using that phone. Using a mobile continuously during pregnancy can expose you to greater radiation absorption which may interfere with your brain activities causing disruptions in sleep patterns, fatigue, or decreased memory. Numerous studies have been conducted to ascertain if mobile phone usage poses a serious health risk. But till date, no study has established any adverse health effects from using mobile phones for less time. However, when you are pregnant, it is best to be overcautious than to be sorry in the future. content source

Effect of overusing a mobile in pregnancy

The usage of cell phones has increased more than a call in the past decade. As phones nowadays function as a mini-computer, music system, and a gaming system. A single portable gadget obviously increases its general usage as well as the radiation. Overusing a cell phone in pregnancy may affect you and your baby in the following ways: Long-term use of mobile during pregnancy may increase the risk of children manifesting behavioral problems like hyperactivity in their childhood. Pregnant women using mobile phones for long durations are more likely to bear kids with behavioral and emotional problems. Some studies propose that lengthy exposure to mobile radiation during pregnancy can alter the gene sequence in the mitochondria of the expectant mom which may travel to the baby, affecting his DNA and lead to the development of degenerative illnesses in the child. The higher rate of exposure to radiation during pregnancy can also change the brain activity of a pregnant woman causing fatigue, anxiety, reduced memory, and sleep disturbances. Constant and continued exposure to radio waves during pregnancy can even interfere with the cellular receptors of the human body and may initiate a force of uncontrolled consequences possibly increasing the risk of cancer. However, further research is needed on this. content source Featured Image Source

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Use of mobile phones during pregnancy

Are you worried about how safe is it to use a mobile phone during your pregnancy? While pregnant and after becoming a mom, safety of the baby becomes the first priority of most women. Besides eating good food, maintaining hygiene, taking ample rest, building one’s immunity, and exercising mildly; there is another important factor to consider in order to ensure overall well-being of your baby and yourself. This is - protection from radiation. Pregnant women are explicitly advised to stay away from x-rays. However, other sources of not-so-severe radiations are part of the environment we live in. These are – Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, computers, and other such devices. This means, that a pregnant woman is exposed to a lot of radiation collectively. Keeping that in mind is it safe to use a mobile phone during pregnancy?   What Researchers Say According to studies, mobile phones emit non-ionising (low level waves) electromagnetic radiation. These cannot possibly penetrate the human tissue to do much harm. Research has confirmed that these radiations are not likely to have an effect on the growth of the foetus. However, some studies have highlighted the following effects of using mobiles for a longer duration on the mother – Possibly trigger insomnia Diminished bone density Reduced brain function and memory Fatigue Affected eye sight Over exposure to mobile phones has also been linked to affected brain function and eventual hyperactivity in the baby. However, this finding has not yet been confirmed during any subsequent studies. Most research done on this subject has been on animals and any substantial evidence either way is missing. However, if you are still unsure of what to do, here are some suggestions. How to Limit Mobile Phone Usage during Pregnancy and Later? Check your phone’s SAR rating – The SAR rating is your cell phone’s Specific Absorption Rate value. This tells you the maximum amount of radiation your body is likely to absorb when you use that mobile. Different phones have different SAR ratings. Higher the SAR, higher is the radiation you are likely to absorb when you use a phone. If you find out that your phone’s SAR rating is high, change it with one that has a lower SAR rating. Reduce phone usage – As much as possible, try not to use the mobile phone. If possible, use a landline. Carry your phone wisely – Do not carry your mobile in a pocket close to your tummy. When sleeping, make sure the mobile is kept at a table away from the bed and not under your pillow or close to you. Switch off the mobile when not needed – When you know you are going to take a nap in the afternoon or at night, simply switch off the mobile and the Wi-Fi. This will help reduce your exposure to radiations and also help you get some undisturbed sleep. Reduce browsing and call timing – When pregnant, it is best to keep your call duration to the minimum possible. Avoid speaking or browsing for long hours to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation. Get a strong signal – Few people know that the SAR value of your phone reduces when the phone gets a strong signal. Therefore, to reduce your exposure to radiation, find out a spot where you get the strongest signal on your mobile and then talk. All the above-mentioned tips can be followed even after your baby is born. Studies have indicated behavioural issues in children when parents spend long hours on the mobiles, ignoring the child’s emotional and physical needs. Therefore, to build a strong connect with your little one and to protect your family from radiations it is best to regulate the usage of devices such as mobiles, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, and computers to the least possible.   Featured Image Source

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Get those wireless baby monitors OUT of the nursery!

While most parents would agree that installing a cell phone tower next to a school would be dangerous and definitely not a good idea, many of these same parents are unaware of the very similar danger posed by baby monitors, devices ironically designed for child safety! When my first child was born, like all the other mothers I knew, I had a baby monitor on my baby shower list.  At that time, baby monitors were corded and plugged into a wall outlet, so I was very careful to keep it away from the baby’s crib and on a bureau across the room out of concern for strangulation risk from the cord. In recent years, however, corded baby monitors have all but disappeared in favor of the new wireless models which pose the very severe risk of continuous microwave radiation in your child’s room. According to PowerWatch, a wireless baby monitor at less than 1 meter away from the baby’s crib was roughly equivalent to the microwave radiation experienced from a cell phone tower only 150 meters away. With most baby monitors now wireless and the risk of strangulation from the cords no longer an issue, many parents are putting them right in the crib so a distance of 1 meter or less is not so far fetched. Even a wireless monitor across the room would still pose a danger, albeit a reduced one. The best way to keep tabs on your baby is to have the child’s nursery next to the master bedroom and use your ears.  It’s how Grandma did it after all! If you absolutely must have a baby monitor for when your child is napping during the day and you are elsewhere in the house doing chores, then use one of the old style corded (analog) monitors that you can probably find at a garage sale for next to nothing. While all wireless baby monitors are a problem, the high frequency digital models are the absolute worst.  Analog monitors are a better choice than digital and if you can find one that is non-pulsing and low frequency in the 35-50 mHz range then that would be the only wireless option that should be considered. Typically, these analog monitors only have a few channels.  Even analog monitors, however, should be kept at least 3 feet from the child’s bed and if possible, used sparingly.

Useful tips to limit mobile usage during pregnancy

Everybody is using mobile phones these days but did you know that using a mobile phone can have many harmful effects on the body? The ill effects of cell phone radiation is a major cause of concern during pregnancy. Many experts believe that excess use of a cell phone during pregnancy can be detrimental to the health of a baby. Therefore, you must try to limit the use of mobile phones when you are pregnant. Here are some useful tips to limit mobile phone usage: Make an effort to not use a mobile phone as much as possible. Go in for alternative means like a landline phone. Avoid carrying a mobile phone in a pocket which is near to your belly, to protect your baby from any harm. Refrain from placing your mobile phone underneath your pillow or next to your head when sleeping. Also, keep in mind to place your mobile phone at a safe distance from your bed. You may also like to turn off your mobile phone at night if possible. Remember to switch off the WiFi at night after you sleep or when it is not required to lessen the exposure to mobile phone radiation. Try not to have lengthy calls when communicating through a mobile phone. Consider using a hands-free or speakerphone when talking on the mobile phone when you are pregnant. Use your mobile phone at a spot where a strong signal is available. A stronger signal implies a low SAR value. Select a mobile phone with a low SAR (specific absorption rate) to ensure the minimum absorption of radiation by the body. There is no conclusive evidence to justify the use of a mobile phone during pregnancy is hazardous. However, it is best to be sensible during pregnancy. You must limit your mobile phone usage to a minimum for a safe pregnancy. content source