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Changes in your sex life in the third trimester

The journey of pregnancy is indeed tough still the most beautiful one a woman can experience. Making love with your partner during the last few days before you both can welcome your baby is a totally different experience. Making love with your partner is the most beautiful one in the whole Universe but your thoughts on what might happen to your baby during these final days before labor might hold your sexual drive back. For some women, the libido seems to be minimum to zero while for others it might be in the extreme levels. If you haven't had any preterm labor issues earlier or any complications with respect to pregnancy then you can confidently proceed towards having sex with your partner. You can have sex even in the 35th week or beyond this, after consulting with your doctor. Now that’s so relieving right?! Having that said, you need to be careful to avoid anal sex in order to refrain from rectal bleeding. Learn to adjust your sex positions - While sex life in the first two trimesters might have been easier with a lot of fun due to an uncomplicated pregnancy, you can continue the same in your third trimester provided you have no risks in positioning yourself. Remember it might not be that easy and the same with a big belly in front. Learn to understand the positions. Also with all the physical changes, back pain, swollen legs, heels, leaking breasts, heavy breathing, pressure on your pelvis, it might be that exciting. However, if you and your partner can understand and work on the positions with minimal movements you still can have a great sex life in your third trimester (Whoa!) Listed below are the sex positions to try - With your partner lying behind you, spooning can be the most comfortable position for having sex, with no disturbance to your belly. With a pelvic pain, in order to ease the pain and relieve the pressure, your partner can come from behind, with you both in a kneeling position placing your belly on the couch. This is called the doggy style. When you are over him on top, it will lessen the pressure on your belly and hence you being on- top is yet another best posture for having sex. Sex positions to avoid - There is literally no position that is considered dangerous during sex in pregnancy. Just avoid lying on your back as that might lead to complications. Avoid third-trimester sex during these cases - Yes, as long as your baby is well wrapped in the uterus fluid, your sex life is definitely going to be safe. This will protect your baby from any kind of infections as well. But there are certain circumstances, wherein you must totally avoid having sex during the third trimester. Let’s look into those cases for a healthy baby and labor! Premature labor history - As mentioned earlier, if you've got a history of preterm birth or complications in contractions, then having sex in the third trimester or during the days nearing the labor is strictly prohibited. This is mainly because it will trigger the contractions to that extreme that you may end up with preterm labor again! Vaginal bleeding - Your placenta plays a vital role in safeguarding your baby and her/his health. If you find your placenta being disturbed with your vagina bleeding, then chances are that you are under risk of having preterm labor. It is better to stop having sex under such situations and observe if you are bleeding heavily. Leakage - When the mucus plug is destroyed, there are more chances for a foreign body to interrupt the uterus, thereby leaving your baby to be infected easily. Hence, when the amniotic fluid leaks, it becomes crucial to not to have sex with your partner to protect your baby. Now that you are convinced with the fact that sex during the third trimester is safe in uncomplicated pregnancy conditions, we have more reasons to keep you blissful wanting for more intimacy with your partner. Interesting reasons why third-trimester sex is far more than just love making - It is quite uplifting - It is definitely going to empower you and bring you back to form for a while. You might have been toiling with a lot of to-do’s since pregnancy like testing, scanning, exercising, dieting etc. focussing a lot on your baby. This might have made you forget the real you within. Having sex in your trimester is certainly going to rekindle those wonderful lovemaking days with your partner and make you feel happier from within! Orgasms and the pleasure it brings to you - Yes! It does. When you are almost nearing your labor, orgasms and those little cozy moments with your partner will certainly make you feel better. The contractions here that might happen in the uterus are not anything similar to the one that might lead to labor. So you needn't worry or ponder about that. Reconnect with your partner - After a successful first and second trimester, following all the steps to protect your baby, entering the third trimester is a great deal! it is very much necessary to connect with your partner again and feel the pleasure within. So during the third trimester, with a healthy pregnancy, you can definitely reconnect physically. If your partner is afraid to or has any queries regarding the same, let him know the facts and make him understand that you and your baby both are going to be safe! Feed your libido like never before - It is during the late part of pregnancy towards labor that you will face more of sexual drive and might want to have it with your partner. Nothing wrong! After this period, once your baby arrives, it is definitely going to decline with all the responsibilities piling up in front of you. So go for it, lady! Very adventurous and creative  - Yes! You both can get adventurous with all the possible sex positions and have fun. Remember that the limit is only in your mind. You can turn and try all interesting positions like spooning, on -top and feel great. Be careful when you deal with your belly. Any position that seems most comfortable to you will be considered the best irrespective of the usual positions that are mentioned above. Reasons your husband might not want to have sex with you during the third trimester - As you are going through a major change from being a woman to a mother, so is your husband. His perception of seeing you as a mother, the changes that occur to you physically and mentally with the entire bunch of responsibilities also has an effect on him. He might be feared or in doubt regarding the sexual positions and the safety of your baby during the trimester. Or with a lesser sex drive from his side, things might not seem to be working as you desire. All you need to do is, sit and communicate the differences and fears and have a clear idea on what happens during sex in the third trimester. Let him know how healthy it is for both you and your baby. With that, he will be convinced and confident to fulfill your sexual appetite. Under your doctor’s guidance, if there are no complications in your pregnancy up until the third trimester, you are good to go and enjoy your sex life! If all you need is happiness during your pregnancy days, and if that is happening through sex in the third trimester with all the urge within you, then why do you think of holding it back? Give the best right away with your partner and have fun as later you might never have the same fire within!    

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Sex during and after pregnancy

One of the most common doubts that pregnant mothers and their partners have is whether and how pregnancy will affect their sex life. Is it normal and healthy to have sexual intercourse or does it adversely impact your unborn child? Here’s everything you need to know about sex during and after pregnancy. Sex During Pregnancy In the case of a normal pregnancy, it is perfectly okay to have sex right up until the very end. Your uterus has strong muscular walls along with the amniotic sac which provides protection for your baby. It makes sure the penetration of your partner’s penis cannot harm the baby in any way. If you are worried about infection, then rest assured; the cervix is sealed by a thick mucus plug that prevents any infections. Your baby may thrash about when you orgasm, however, it is only reacting to your heart rate and does not experience any discomfort. Different women react differently to the idea of sex during pregnancy. Some feel less sexual desire, while others feel more interested in sex than before. In either case, it is important to talk openly with your partner about what you are going through and to experiment with different positions and arousal techniques. If you are not 100% sure about your partner’s sexual history, be especially careful to use condoms during pregnancy. Not only do you continue to risk getting an STD when you’re pregnant, but you also risk harming your baby in the process. When Not to Have Sex During Pregnancy Your doctor may advise you to refrain from having sex under the following special circumstances. If you have a history of miscarriages. If you have a history/tendency towards preterm labour. If your placenta is lying low in your uterus. If your cervix has opened too early in the pregnancy. If you’re expecting more than one baby. If you have undergone fertility treatment. If you or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease. If you’re having vaginal bleeding without any known cause. Sex After Pregnancy During the postpartum period, around 6 weeks after the birth of your child, sexual desire in new mothers is almost zero. This is due to a number of reasons. Postpartum bleeding usually lasts between 4 to 6 weeks. Recovering from incisions (vaginal or abdominal depending on the kind of delivery). Sore breasts from continuous breastfeeding. Emotional issues that arise from stress, sleep deprivation, fatigue, and postpartum depression. Most doctors recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after the birth of your child in order to have sex because it takes some time for the vaginal incisions to heal. At the same time, your emotional and mental readiness to have sex is also important. It is essential for both you and your partner to be patient with each other and to realize that it takes most couples a year after childbirth to get their sex lives on track. Featured Image Source 

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My husband is continuously asking for having sex. I had my delivery just one and a half month back. Can we do sex as earlier?

Mera cezerian hua h 17 days ho gye h mjhe kB tak sex avoid krna chaiye plz tell me.....

Best Positions for Baby Making

Baby making isn't complicated if you and your partner have good fertility. The most important thing is to have sex when you're most fertile. This is typically mid-cycle, and around week two to three of your menstrual cycle in those with regular ovulation. There are a variety of ways to detect this time. Even so, you likely have questions beyond timing. Is there a difference between sex for fun and conception sex? Does position matter? What about lying down afterward or the role of female orgasm in fertility? How often should you be having sex?   When Is the Best Time for Conception Sex?   Timing is critical when you're trying to conceive. Many of us got the impression in school that sex any time can get you pregnant. This isn't entirely true. You are more likely to get pregnant from sex that occurs on just three days out of the month. At most, you are potentially fertile for seven days each month. If  you're experiencing ovulation signs, this is the ideal time to have sex to get pregnant. You can detect ovulation using a number of methods, including ovulation predictor kits, basal body temperature charting, or cervical mucus tracking. What if you don't have any ovulation signs? You may not be ovulating. This is a possible cause of female infertility.   How Often Should You Have Baby Making Sex?   Another common question is how often you should have sex to get pregnant.. Some couples go all out and have sex every day, all month. If you're into that, it's usually OK. In fact, it's usually a good idea for your relationship to make sure you're having sex when you're not ovulating, so that sex doesn't simply become a conception machine. But most people get tired of this schedule, especially if it takes longer than a few months to conceive. Plus, sex every single day may be a problem if your sperm count is low. Having sex three to four times a week all month long is a good plan. While you can't get pregnant from sex after ovulation , there may be other benefits to sex during this non-fertile time.   Does Sex Position Matter? The position doesn't matter that much for baby-making sex. As long as ejaculation happens as close as possible to the cervix, it's good enough. However, there is some debate on whether or not the missionary position (man on top) may be best. Truthfully, you can have sex in any position. Variety may help improve your sex life, and that can help you cope better with the stress of trying to conceive.   Does Lying Down After Sex Help?   Some couples wonder if lying down after sex may help you conceive, thinking that if you remain horizontal for awhile, the sperm will have a better chance of getting to their destination. It takes sperm between 2 and 10 minutes to travel up from the cervix to the fallopian tubes (which is where they will meet the egg.) However, this movement occurs regardless of whether you're standing up, lying down, or standing on your head. No one is certain whether lying down after sex helps, however, there has been some research on IUI (intrauterine insemination) treatment that indicates it might be helpful. If you want to try it, remain on your back for just 15 minutes after sex. That is more than enough time.   Is Female Orgasm Important for Baby Making Sex? The female orgasm is not required for baby making, and plenty of women conceive without it. But could it help? The research isn't clear, but some studies indicate it just may give sperm a boost. One theory is that female orgasm helps move the sperm up from the cervix to the fallopian tubes. Another is that orgasm makes you feel sleepy, which increases your odds of remaining horizontal after sex (which may or may not help with conception—see the information just above this!)   Are Lubricants Like KY Jelly Safe for Conception Sex?   Personal lubricants with spermicide are an obvious no-no when it comes to conception sex. What about the regular lubricants? Unfortunately,  lubricants like KY Jelly are not sperm-friendly.This is an especially important issue, since couples dealing with infertility may experience stress during sex, which means fewer arousal fluids. (Plus, hormonal imbalance can lead to less cervical mucus.) The good news is there are  fertility-friendly lubricants  available. Some of the more popular brands include Pre-Seed, Conceive Plus, and Astroglide TTC. You could also use plain (no fragrance) baby oil.   How Can You Cope With Having Sex on Demand During Fertility Treatment?   As part of fertility treatment, you may be told when to have intercourse ("doctor prescribed sex"). If you're taking Clomid, your doctor will help you choose the best day to boost conception. Your doctor may tell you to use an ovulation prediction kit at home. Alternatively, she may detect your most fertile days for you by using ultrasound and blood work to predict ovulation. This can be very stressful for a couple. Some men may experience performance anxiety. To cope, consider making a date of your "scheduled sex," maintaining a sense of humor about the situation, and being patient with one another.   How Can You Improve Your Sex Life Now That You're TTC?   Trying to conceive can change your sex life, often for the worse if you’re trying for several months (or years). You may feel alone and frustrated. You should know that having trouble with sex when trying to conceive is common. There are things you can do, though to improve your sex life.   What If Sex Hurts? Between 30 and 50 percent of women will experience painful sex sometime during their life. Sex shouldn't be painful. If it hurts, something is wrong. Surprisingly, only 1 in 4 women will ever tell their doctor about their pain. What should you do if you want to get pregnant but sex hurts? What causes sexual pain? Could it harm your fertility? You should talk to your doctor if sex is painful. Painful sex not only interferes with your relationship and ability to get pregnant but can be a symptom of a serious problem. If sex is so painful that sexual intercourse isn't possible, there are other option for conception. But first, talk to your doctor and have a thorough exam. Pain is often our body's way of telling us that something isn't right. Listen to what it is saying. content source

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8 surprising truths about sex after baby

Sex after childbirth is nothing like sex before childbirth. Sex before childbirth is not only fun, but it has a distinct purpose once parents-to-be start trying to conceive. Even sex during pregnancy is pretty easy for most expecting parents. Once the baby arrives, things change dramatically. Not only are parents fighting sleep deprivation, they also face a necessary waiting period for moms to heal up from the process of birth. And there are physical changes as well. Here are somme interesting facts about sex after delivering a baby:  1. After Birth, Your Wife Might Lactate During Sex: Regardless of whether a woman is breastfeeding or not, in typical circumstances, her post-pregnancy breasts are doing what breast are designed to do: produce milk. Importantly, this milk is not produced on demand. Lactation happens at inopportune moments, including sex. 2. Everyone Will Feel Nervous About Sex After Birth: The first intercourse after childbirth can be filled with worry. Will it hurt? Will it feel different? Will we fall asleep in the middle of getting it on? And those worries aren’t limited to women. They can be shared equally.  Some women, on the other hand, may have experienced vaginal tearing or other related trauma. That may make them hesitant about pain. And beyond pain, there may be new concerns about the way their bodies look after birth. 3. Having Sex After Birth May Require Lubrication: Vaginal dryness is an issue that can affect sex after childbirth regardless of whether a mother has had a vaginal birth or a caesarean. That’s because dryness is linked to postnatal hormonal shifts. Some women can become self-conscious about the dryness. But, dryness doesn’t indicate any sort of lack of desire. It’s just part of the natural hormonal shifts after pregnancy. 4. Sex After Childbirth Feels Different for Everyone: When a woman grows a human inside her and then pushes that human into the world, things in her body will inevitably be shifted. Some of those shifts may change the way sex feels for both partners. In most circumstances, there may be very little difference between pre-baby and post-baby sex. Some women may become more orgasmic, while some partners may need to find new positions because the old ones are less effective or comfortable. 5. Sex Might Be Painful at First: You may face some pain or discomfort the first you will have sex after your delivery. This is totally normal, and nothing you should lose your head over (unless the pain persists, in which case talk to your gynaecologist). 6. You Might Cry (from emotion): Everything that goes up must come down, and that includes your hormones! You're a mom now and that's a big, beautiful deal and the enormity of that may hit you right when you're with your beloved. You may get those happy tears while having sex the first time after giving birth to your baby. 7. The Baby Will Cry: Babies have a finely tuned sex meter and will vociferously protest that you are having fun without them. This will actually continue long past the infant stage. Feel free to ignore them.   8. You Will Feel Overjoyed to be Something That's Not a "Mom" For a Minute: Having sex, or just feeling sexy, can be a real relief! You get to feel like yourself again and reconnect with your partner in such a familiar way. Plus, you get to see how much he still adores you and is attracted to you. Content source Featured image source

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Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

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