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Dr advised to abbort no heartbeat bs yhi bol rhi hai ...1 week baad tvs kru toh heartbeat recheck ho jayegi nhitoh koi problem toh nhi hogi abort mein through medicine its my first pregnancy...i hope theek ho jaye sb kya kisi ke saath esa hua hai ki 8week mein heartbeat aa gyi ho.....


How to calculate when your next period date will be?

When the lining of your uterus sheds, that is the time when your periods start, and it also makes as the official start of your period cycle. However, sometimes in the given pace of time, one may forget to keep a note as to when their next menstrual cycle may occur, and it is imperative to know when it may happen as that also decides how your ovulation cycle will turn up.

Ovulation days can be identified only when you have a clear idea about your menstrual cycle. One of the ways to calculate when your next period date will be is by using a period tracker. You can download the Mylo app and use their period tracker. A period track helps you in knowing when your next date will fall just with the inclusion of a few details which have to be entered by you.

How to use a period tracker to know the date of your next period?

The period tracker tool is very easy to use and can be used right on your smartphone, and you can record the date so that you know exactly when you’re going to have your next period cycle and also decipher your ovulation dates.

All you have to do is enter the date when you had your period, and after that, you have to enter the length for which your period lasted and the average length to which your period usually lasts.

After this, the period tracker tool will give you a description as to which is the date you will have your next period, estimated ovulation date, estimated fertile window, predicted period, and when will be the best time to conceive as well.

This is one of the best ways to improve the chances of conception. The period tracker tool available on the Mylo app is a great choice and can come in really handy when you wish to plan your family.



Government Scheme to give Rs 6000 to Pregnant Woman through Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojna (PMMVY) - How to Apply for this Scheme?

What is Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojna?

Pradhan Mantri Matru Yojna is a nationwide scheme in which the government provides financial assistance of 6000 rupees to pregnant women and lactating mothers so that they can take good care of themselves and their babies. This scheme was first launched as Indira Gandhi Matru Sahayog Yojna in 2010. The BJP government renamed this scheme as Matru Sahaj Yojna in 2014. But, it was formally launched as a central government-sponsored scheme throughout the nation and was renamed as Pradhanmantri Matru Vandana Yojna (PMMVY). You must know that the Ministry of Women and Child Development implements this scheme through the Anganwadi System.

The objective of Pradhanmantri Matru Vandana Yojna:

  • To make women aware of the health issues related to pregnancy, labor, and lactation.
  • To encourage pregnant women and lactating mothers to take proper rest and avoid any sort of hard work. It also aims to provide financial help to fulfill their and their baby’s nutritional needs.
  • To promote mother-child care.

Who can benefit from PMMVY?

  • All pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • Pregnant women or lactating mothers who are 19 years or above in age can enjoy the benefits of this scheme
  • The Central or State Government or Public Sector Undertakings employee or anyone who has received benefits similar to this scheme under any law cannot apply for this scheme

Benefits of PMMVY

  • Under this scheme, 6,000 rupees are paid out in three installments as a cash incentive.
  • The first installment of 1000 rupees is released at the time of registration of pregnancy.
  • The second installment of 2000 rupees is disbursed after 6 months of pregnancy and before delivery.
  • The third installment of 2000 rupees is released after childbirth, baby’s registration, and when the child has received the first cycle of vaccination and immunization.
  • The remaining cash incentive of Rs. 1,000 is provided under Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) after institutional delivery

Documents Required for Registration:

  • Copy of Identity proof in the absence of Adhaar Card.
  • A consent form duly signed by the applicant and her spouse.
  • Application form 1 A
  • Copy of MCP card released by PHC or a Government Hospital.

How to Apply Offline To Avail the Benefits of PMMVY

  • Eligible pregnant or lactating mothers who want to avail of the benefits of the PMMVY scheme should register themselves at an Anganwadi Centre or any government-approved health center. However, they must register within 150 days of the LMP.
  • They can obtain the registration form from the Anganwadi Centre or government-approved health center free of cost. They can also download this form from the website of the Ministry of Women and Child Development. They must obtain a receipt of registration.
  • To claim the second installment after 6 months of pregnancy, they will need to properly fill and submit Form 1B at an Anganwadi Centre or a government-approved health center. They must attach a copy of the MCP card that shows a minimum of 1 Antenatal Check-up along with a copy of the acknowledgement receipt of Form 1A. They can claim the second installment after 180 days of their pregnancy.
  • To receive the third installment, they will need to submit a properly filled Form 1C, a copy of child-birth registration, copy of the MCP card where it is mentioned that their baby has got his first cycle of immunization of DPT, OPV, CG, and Hepatitis B. They will also need to produce the copy of acknowledgment receipt of Form 1A and Form 1B. Applicants of all states except for Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, and Meghalaya need to submit a Copy of their Adhaar Card at this stage.

What is the Online Procedure for Availing The Benefits of PMMVY?

  • Click on and login into the software of PMMVY with the help of a scheme facilitator.
  • Fill in the complete information and details that are asked in form 1A and then click on the ‘New Beneficiary’ tab. Follow all the directions mentioned in PMMVY CAS User Manual while filling the form.
  • Log in to the PMMVY CAS software once again after completing 6 months of pregnancy. Click on the ‘Second Instalment’ tab and fill the 1B form according to the directions provided in the user manual.
  • For the third installment, login to the PMMVY CAS software once again after the birth registration and completion of the first cycle of immunization. Click on the installment tab and fill the 1C form.

What are the Provisions in Case of Still Birth or Miscarriage?

  • In such cases, if the beneficiary has availed the benefits of the first installment, she can claim for the second and third installments whenever she gets pregnant in the future. What is the Procedure in the Case Of Infant Mortality

What is the Procedure in the Case Of Infant Mortality?

  • If the beneficiary has already availed all the installments of maternity benefits under the PMMVY scheme, she won’t be eligible to avail of the further benefits in the case of infant mortality.

Note: If you want to file any complaint or you have any query related to this scheme or you need help to find or locate the nearby health center or scheme then please call at PMMVY helpline number: 011-23382393.



Top 7 tips to keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing this winter! 

Welcome winter! With winter comes the cold, cozy nights, warm blankets, and hot tea but it can be uncomfortable, damaging, and even painful to your sensitive skin. Sitting in your cozy quilt, munching on peanuts, using room heaters, and taking a hot shower may seem good ways to warm up. But hot water and hot air dry out your skin more by stripping its natural oil. Now, don’t succumb to the temptations to panic-buy cupboards full of creams and lotions, instead use these top tips to keep your skin healthy, supple, and glowing through the entire winter season-

  1. Limit usage of room heaters

When it’s chilly outside, what’s the first thing you do? You try to warm up the house by turning on the heaters. This makes the air even drier. This hot, dry air takes its toll on your skin leaving it dry, itchy, and irritated.

  1. Avoid long hot showers

A long steamy shower on cold days can be satisfying but this can be damaging rather than nourishing. Serve your skin better with a 5-10 minutes shower using lukewarm water. One should try not to use hot water even to wash hands because cold water is as effective at removing germs without irritating the skin.

  1. A gentle, fragrance-free cleanser is all you need

The regular soap bars may contain harsh ingredients and fragrances that can worsen itchy, dry skin. Opt for unscented products and use less soap overall.

  1. Invest in a humidifier to maintain the moisturizer

A humidifier can bring moisture to the dry winter air keeping your skin hydrated. Apart from preventing the dry air from sucking out moisture from your skin, it also reduces the risk of infections because bacteria can not travel in moist air.

  1. Tailor your skin-care regimen

Do not use astringents that contain alcohol and fragrances because these contents further dry out your skin. To help the skin retain its natural oils, it is recommended to use cream-based cleansers during the dry winter months.

  1. Grey winter days also need sunscreen

We always get the advice of wearing sunscreen on bright summer days but it does not mean you no longer need protection from the sun on the grey winter days. The sun’s harmful UV rays can permeate clouds and still cause damage to your sensitive skin. Apply a moisturizing, broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF of 15 or higher) before going out.

  1. Pay attention to your eating habits

Foods and supplements that contain omega 3 or omega-6 fatty acids such as nuts, seeds, plant oil, milk, and yogurt, can help the dry skin. In addition to maintaining healthy eating habits, drinking enough water is also important to keep your skin supple and healthy.



Hi mommies, I'm a mother of 7 months 17 days old boy baby. My baby isn't crawling yet nor he hardly trying to sit this is putting me into anxiety. So can anyone help out in answering is this fine or is anything I have to do I'm putting him down on mat regularly encouraging him to sit putting toys to reach out all possible things. But my baby is active he started babbling he moves all around the mat n bed n eats well sitting in high chair etc but not doing these 2 things yet. Is there any mommie in the same boat? Help me out


Improve your Love Life with these 5 Simple Vastu Tips!

Everyone goes through a struggle at some point in their life and that’s when nothing appears to be good. From your career to your relationships, everything takes a backstage. This causes problems in your relationships. All you can think of doing is praying to god for some miracle. But would you believe it if we tell you that all the answers to your problems are within your home itself?

Yes, the answer is Vaastu Shastra. It means “science of architecture”. Vastu Shastra is actually the text of the Hindu religion which describes various principles of design, layout, measurement, and spatial geometry. These designs combine architecture with nature.

Follow these 5 Vastu tips to bring happiness into your love life:

1) The Door of your Bedroom

According to Vaastu Shastra, the door of your bedroom is considered to be a symbol of the possibilities that your life can offer to you and should open completely, without any obstruction, to at least 90 degrees. It will allow positive opportunities to enter the room. If the bedroom door cannot easily open at a 90-degree angle, then it can block such possibilities from entering your life.

2) Location of your Bedroom

The southwest corner of your house is the most dominant corner. It is where the owner of the house should always be positioned. In case of no elders, only the married couple should make it their bedroom, in the case of the elder couple, the married couple can also take the northwest portion of the house. The southwest direction helps to improve and maintain a good understanding among partners. A good understanding leads to a happy married life.

3) Location of the Bed

The most ideal place for setting your bed up is the South-West side of your bedroom. According to Vaastu, there should be a wall behind the headrest and not an open window because a steady wall encourages the feeling of security and hence provides a peaceful sleep. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the bed should not be in front of the door as it brings uneasiness while sleeping.

4) Decoration of the Bedroom

Lighting plays a very important role and affects your mood as well. Lighting also influences your married life. To avoid causing any bad influence on your married life, the lights in the room should be soothing warm. One shouldn’t use glaring lights in the bedroom.

The walls of the rooms should be painted in hues. Colours such as blue, and shades of purple (which is the colour of emotions) can also be used. Using blue bed sheets can be very helpful as blue denotes Venus, the Goddess of love, marriage, and beauty. Always avoid colours such as black and grey in a bedroom.

5) Position of the Mirror

Mirrors, whether used for a decorative purpose or for a utility purpose, should never be placed in the direction opposite to the bed, especially while sleeping. Mirrors symbolize the splitting of energy which can increase tension and even lead to infidelity. But if you have no other place to keep the mirror you must cover the mirror with a curtain before you go to sleep.

Note: The southeast direction should be absolutely avoided by couples as it leads to conflict, aggression, and even infertility in the partner. The northeast is considered to be a high energy direction because of the presence of the element ‘fire’, making this direction an ideal place for spiritual and religious activities. It is considered an offence to lead a married life in the house of God.

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How to manage your gestational diabetes? Find the five easy ways to maintain the sugar level in pregnancy and stay healthy!  

There are a number of women who are suffering from gestational diabetes during pregnancy. If you are also one of them, this post can help you. So, keep on reading.

Hormones are responsible for gestational diabetes; while this happens, it often tends to create complications such as early birth. The conditions can be manageable in some women while some do not. So, to achieve a healthy pregnancy, you must be attentive to your body needs.

Here we have come up with the five easy tips to maintain a sustainable sugar level.

  1. Check on your diet: Diet always plays a crucial role to maintain good health and wellbeing. To maintain healthy sugar levels, one should opt for a healthy balanced diet that easily maintains blood sugar levels.

Keep note- don’t just fly with your thoughts; just keep in touch with your doctor and work accordingly.

  1. Stay attentive: To keep yourself attentive and healthy for a long time, you need to put yourself in physical activity by doing a regular workout (as recommended by a physician). Make sure you have counted your calories intake and along with your exercise schedule so you can go a long way to stay fit inside.

  1. Do check your sugar level: Well, no one can control blood sugar levels. So, it is crucial to check the blood sugar level with the help of the Mylo Gestational Diabetes Plan. It helps to test your sugar level comfortably from your home and also notify you to adjust your foods along with your diet and exercise routine.

  1. Reduce your stress: With the increased level of stress, the hormone levels are distressed and may help you have gestational diabetes. Thus, try to add meditation, a rich diet, and Mylo Gestational Diabetes Plan that always keep you in check with diabetes.

  1. Get medication: If you find high blood sugar levels, then get medication from your doctor. He/she would suggest some safe medication that doesn’t harm your baby.

The bottom Line

If you are diabetic and need help, then navigate to the Mylo Gestational Diabetes Plan. This will allow you to check on regular blood sugar levels, and you will easily come through regular changes during pregnancy. Also, we recommend you check with your doctor regularly.



Hi, on 28th of august i deliver baby girl through operation. From 4 days I am suffering from fever. And my cut area is paining they cut my tummy vertical.


Mera eight months cmplt hone mai 10 din baki h agr baby avi ho jaye to dikkat hota h kya kyu kiya mera water level km ho gya h full bed rest docter boli than tk ki bathroom ke liye v nali lgai h sirf potti ke liye uthna h bs isliye bhut jyda tension mai hu agr baby eight mai hi hogya to koi dikkat hota h sb bolte h ki eight mai nhi hona chahiye.


Top tips: What can dads do when the wife goes into labour

Labor Pain-What Dads Need to Know

Every one of us is well aware of the job of a would-be-mom at the time of childbirth.

However, would-be-dads play a crucial role by providing encouragement and the necessary support they need. The reason is that the male partner of a pregnant woman is the main person for all types of duties, which he has to fulfil regularly.

In this blog post, we have shared a few essential tips, by which men must proceed with confidence and patience during the most critical phase of their female partners i.e. labour pain.

1. Prepare a Proper Plan

You must make sure to prepare yourself at least a few weeks in advance before the due date of your wife. Especially, you must map out the most suitable route to your selected maternity hospital.

Irrespective of whether you choose to drive your car or hire a cab, you must go with a trial run to avoid any wrong turn or stuck due to any surprise on the day of your female partner’s labour pain. If possible, you should install a suitable infant car seat, as you may need it while driving back home.

2. Identify and Time the Contractions

You have to keep in mind that contractions do not take place regularly. Instead, they last for a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes. In other words, contractions go and come and even subside whenever your partner shifts her position. Labor contractions have different patterns, become long or get strong and become closer with time.

As a would-be-dad, you have to help your partner in identifying what exactly is going on. This helps you both to stay calm and gain more control. An easy way to give support to would-be-mom during her early labour is to time her contractions.

Accordingly, you have to time the contractions’ intervals right from the beginning of the one to the next one. You must call the gynaecologist or midwife if the labour pain contractions of your female partner become frequent, lasts for a long time, or becomes painful.

3. Help Your Partner to Perform Relaxation Exercises

To keep your female partner relaxed during her labour pain is your prime responsibility. Hence, you must perform and inspire your partner to involve in various exercises related to progressive muscle relaxation or a few motivating exercises. Alternatively, depending on the requirements, you may massage her back or head and hold the hand tightly during her rough contractions.

Overall, would-be-dads have various responsibilities to fulfill to make the new moms feel happy even during labor pain, which is the toughest phase of their life.



Are you looking for unique baby shower gifting ideas? Find the five best gift ideas that every new person would love. 

A baby shower is hosted a couple of weeks before the delivery. It is a great way to celebrate womanhood and enjoy the precious day with your family and friends. So, if you are going to your first baby shower party and don’t know what to give to your best friend, then this post is for you.

Here we will discuss the different kinds of gifts you can take for the baby shower party. So, without further ado, let us know the gifts.

  1. Unique costumes: Babies look cute in fancy costumes. So, why not route for this funky idea? You can shop for unique clothes like fish, butterflies, etc. in the best fabric so the baby won’t find anything uncomfortable.

  1. Baby sleep bag: You can even pick a baby sleeping bag that allows the newbie parents to have a good night sleep while they are travelling. Also, this would help the baby to stay calm and enjoy cosy all night long in winters.

  1. Baby & Mom Kit with Bag Listing: This will be the perfect gift if you want to shop for both of them. Look at Mylo Baby & Mom Kit, and you will find useful things like baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby lotion, Baby massage oil, and a soft set of towels. Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Baby gym: If you want to give something best that keeps the baby fit and healthy, then choose Baby gym. It includes a set of gym mobiles and other accessories that allow the baby to have fun alone.

  1. Sleep miracle soother sound machine: It is a new gadget in the market for newbie parents. It is best for crying babies since it has magical sounds that actually help the baby to sleep and enjoy the music.

The bottom Line

So, you have seen the best baby shower gifting ideas. Now, it’s all your call which you want to pick. But in our recommendation, a newbie parent regulates all useful stuff such as Mylo Baby & mom kit with bag listing. What do you think?



Hello mommies kese ho aap sb. Mujhe puchna tha ki Meri 3rd july ko normal delivery hui thi or bleeding 31st july ko stop hui thi uske baad abi tk periods start nhi huye aana. Is it normal or not?


These 6 fun activities are great for dad and baby bonding

Fun Activities for Daddy and Baby

Moms usually have their hands full as far as infant care is concerned, as a result dads tend to feel left out. Experts believe fathers must interact with their newborns, as it lays the groundwork for deeper relationships as the child develops. It also offers Mom a respite and may assist fathers in discovering their inner teddy bear.

For a father, bonding with a baby may be overwhelming. We've compiled a list of enjoyable activities for dad to do with his baby:

1. Silly games to make a baby laugh: Almost every time, this amusing activity makes infants giggle. Lay your infant on your stomach, while lying on your back. Pick up the infant and hold him over your chest and face while making amusing flying noises. Rotate the baby in a gentle back-and-forth, up-and-down motion, making amusing noises and expressions in the process. It gives an impression that the baby is flying. Babies love this airplane game.

2. Make funny Faces: Dads always have the potential to be the witty ones. Begin with creating goofy looks that will bring a big fat smile to your baby's face. Play games like peekaboo with your kid while the baby is lying.

3. Diaper Changing: Though it's not the most enjoyable experience, it's a necessary part of having a kid. Yet, it's unexpectedly a fantastic time to bond. You may sing to them, chat to them, and play games with them, such as bicycling her legs. You can even give a fantastic massage to your baby. 10 to 15 minutes of gentle rub to the baby's legs, belly, arms, and neck, a way to make them relax.

4. Dance with your baby: Even if they can't move on their own, babies like motion. Move and dance about the room with the baby on your shoulder or your hip. Put on some music and/or sing along. This is also a great way for Dad to get some exercise! As your child gets older, you may assist her with standing and dancing. Until she can groove to her beats.

5. Take a Walk: Take your baby for a stroll around the neighborhood. Babies enjoy the fresh air. Instead of the stroller, try utilizing a sling or carrier. This will keep the baby close to you the entire time while you're walking. If it's hot outside, make sure the baby is covered in sunscreen and wrapped up if it's freezing.

6. Read to your Baby: Yes indeed, you can read to a little infant, and it may develop a pattern that you will like later. Reading aloud to newborns and youngsters has been shown to help them gain a head start on reading later in life. It gives a reason for the dads to spend quality time with the baby.

While we're on the subject of activities to do with your infant, there are a few things you should always avoid. Tossing newborns up in the air and catching them, is just not safe. Don't carry your baby while riding a machine like a riding mower or an ATV. Never run with the baby while you are carrying. Babies are too delicate; all they need is attention and care.



Hlo mommies..Pta nh mre baby ko kya hua h vo kch din se proper feed nh kr rha h..Phle jitna dudh pita tha usse bhi bht km feed kr rha h..Vo b thik se nhi li rha..Esa kyu hai plz tell I m worried.. Qk esa e hoga to health kese develop hogi uski


Hii m 5 weeks pregnant ...Mai 1 yrs se folic acid kha rhi hu...kal mai bhul gai thi khana.. ek din skip karne se koi baat to nhi h na


Hello can u plz tell me ki normal delivery k liye Kya kre ..Mera 17 week CHL Raha h aur nand me aur sas me challenge Kiya h ki muje normal nahi ho sakta me apni trf see best krna chahti hu normal ho jye aap btye plz Kya kre


is it safe to have sex this time?? 37 week just started


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