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Maternity Support

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Maternity Support - Relieve from Body Ache


Pregnancy is a time when your ever-changing body needs support at every course of time. You may experience leg pain, backache, and several other aches throughout the time. There are several kinds of helpful articles that may help relieve pain and help you have a smooth pregnancy and can also help you after delivery recovery. Pregnancy leggings, compressions stockings, pregnancy support belt, post-pregnancy belt to name a few.


Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy Belt-


Pregnancy Belts are specifically designed to heal back pain and leg pain during pregnancy. They are designed in a way to support your abdomen and pregnant body. They help in improving blood circulation and support your body while sitting, walking, or working.


Different Kinds of Maternity Belts available at Mylo Store


  1. Pregnancy Support Belt- These belts can only be used during pregnancy. They support your belly, back, and legs in pregnancy. 

  2. Post-Pregnancy Belt- These are specifically designed to comfort you after delivery. They help you recover faster.  

  3. Pre & Post Pregnancy Belts- These can be called the best maternity belts as you can use them during and after pregnancy.


How does a Maternity Belt help you?


  1. Balances the bodyweight by lifting the extended belly and shifting the weight from front to back.  

  2. Helps in soothing leg and abdomen pain.

  3. Helps in releasing body pressure and provides maximum comfort.


Maternity Belts at Mylo


Shop from the wide range of pregnancy support belts, pregnancy belts for back pain, post-pregnancy belts, belly belts after delivery at Mylo Store, and take a step ahead for your comfort.  


Compression Stockings


Compression stockings are another helpful article that helps prevent the condition of varicose veins during pregnancy. Varicose Veins are a situation that occurs when the blood circulation in veins gets hampered due to increased pregnancy weight resulting in more pressure on the legs, which further causes varicose veins to appear.  

You can use these stockings to improve the blood circulation in the legs and to relieve leg pain during pregnancy. The reason they are called compression stockings is that they help in shifting the pressure from knees to ankles, resulting in improved blood circulation and lesser pain in the feet and legs area. So, wearing compression stockings during pregnancy is a good idea and may help you prevent leg pain and varicose veins, and spider veins.


Right Time to Wear Compression Stockings


You can start wearing Pregnancy Support Stockings from day 1 of your pregnancy. Wear them while sitting, walking, standing, or while working. Avoid wearing them while sleeping as your body is in perfect alignment when you are sleeping, so you don’t need to wear stockings at that time.  

Points to keep in mind while wearing pressure stockings during pregnancy: 

  1. Avoid wearing in case of venous disease, peripheral arterial disorder, and diabetes.  

  2. Always consult your doctor before investing in compression stockings. 

  3. Stop wearing in case of discomfort or pain and consult your doctor.


Maternity Leggings


Maternity leggings are designed to provide comfort to your growing belly during pregnancy. These are usually high waist, made keeping in mind the comfort of pregnant ladies. Always check the fabric details before buying pregnancy leggings, cotton enriched ones have generally considered the best maternity leggings as the fabric does not stick to your skin and keeps you sweat-free.  


Compression Stockings & Maternity Leggings at Mylo Store 

Shop from Mylo’s exclusive range of Maternity Leggings, Pre and Post Pregnancy Belts, and Compression Stockings to ease up your pregnancy and postpartum journey. You can also shop for pregnancy & mom care products like u shaped pregnancy pillows, pregnancy massage oil, stretch marks cream, and much more. Shop now!  




1. When should I start wearing a maternity support belt? 

It is recommended to start wearing a maternity support belt during your 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.


2. Are pregnancy support belts safe for the baby? 

Yes, the pregnancy belts are completely safe for you and your baby.


3. What is the purpose of maternity stockings? 

Maternity stockings are used to improve blood circulation, relieve leg pain, and prevent varicose veins and spider veins during pregnancy.


4. When should you wear compression stockings when pregnant? 

You can start wearing them from day 1 of your pregnancy. Do not forget to consult your doctor before start wearing them.


5. When do you need maternity leggings? 

During the time of pregnancy when your baby bump starts appearing.


6. Do maternity belts help with back pain? 

Yes, they can help relieve back pain.  

Products Price
Post Pregnancy Support & Recovery Belt for Compression Support - Grey (M) 469
Pre & Post Pregnancy Belt - Grey (M) 719
Open Toe Compression Stockings - Knee Length (S) 485
Post Pregnancy Support & Recovery Belt for Compression Support - Grey (XL) 489
Stretchable Pregnancy & Post Delivery Leggings - Black (L) 999
Stretchable Pregnancy & Post Delivery Leggings - Beige (XL) 999
Stretchable Pregnancy & Post Delivery Leggings - Dark Grey (L) 999
Stretchable Pregnancy & Post Delivery Leggings - White (M) 999
Shape wear Camisole/Tank Top -Maternity & Beyond – Plum -S 619
Shape wear Camisole/Tank Top- Maternity & Beyond– Grey & Nude - S- Pack of 2 1329
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