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Looking for effective home remedies to get rid of unwanted facial hair? 

Almost all women have facial hair that is not noticeable but some women have thick facial hair which can cause embarrassment to them. Let us first know about the reasons behind them:

  • Hormonal problems

  • If hormones are normal then it can be in your genes.

  • PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disorder)

  • Hirsutism (crushing syndrome)

  • Virilization (Male sexual characteristics are developed in a female body)

  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (less production of cortisol and androgen hormones)

No doubt facial hair can make even the attractive face look odd and if you want to get rid of your facial hair from a professional then it can pinch your pockets. Below mentioned are some home remedies that can help you get rid of that unwanted facial hair:

  • Lemon Juice and Sugar- One of the ancient beauty technique that requires 2 simple ingredients i.e., sugar and lemon juice. You can take both the ingredients in equal quantities and mix them well until it becomes a sticky granular paste. This pack is suitable for all skin types and for best results you must apply it to your face on alternate days. The facial hair will effortlessly come out when you’ll remove this pack and the remaining hair will get bleached with the help of lemon juice. If someone has dry skin then the duration of the pack on the face should not be more than 20 minutes.

  • Papaya and Turmeric- Peel a portion of raw papaya and make a fine paste of it then add a pinch of turmeric into it. This mask can be applied on the face 2-3 times a week but don’t forget to massage in a circular motion for 15-20 minutes before removing it. This mask is suitable for all skin types because the papain enzyme opens up the hair follicles and the unwanted hair falls off after applying this mask.

  • Gram Flour- The regular application of a gram flour pack will make your face look flawless. You can add a pinch of turmeric, a tablespoon of mustard oil and mix the ingredients well to form a fine paste. You can apply this paste twice a week and for better results, you must follow the routine for a month. It will remove all the unwanted facial hair and will make your skin smooth and glowing.

  • Basil and Onion- You can make a fine paste of basil leaves and onion juice. Apply it on the affected area 3-4 times a week for a few months and you’ll observe the growth of the unwanted facial hair has been reduced miraculously. This pack may cause mild irritation on the skin else it is suitable for all skin types.

  • Tea tree oil and Lavender- You can mix the oils in equal quantities and fill up a bottle. With the help of a cotton ball, you can apply this lotion to the affected area. For better results, you must apply this lotion daily on your face for 3 months continuously. The anti-androgenic properties of these oils reduce hair growth and show amazing results. It is suitable for combination skin type, normal and dry skin as well.

All the secrets behind glowing skin are found in your kitchen and garden. Now-a-days people are blindly buying products that have a lot of chemicals in them and can be very harmful to your sensitive skin. You have to very patient as the results will be slow but are quite effective. If you observe any kind of allergic reaction then you must immediately seek medical help.



How to treat PCOS naturally? Find the five natural ways to treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome without risk of side effects  

Polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common disorder spreading in women. It is an endocrine condition that affects the reproductive system.

As per doctors, it’s a severe condition that needs immediate action. You may be able to manage PCOS naturally by knowing its painful symptoms and changing lifestyle. Also, you should consult with your doctor before you take any kind of treatment.

So, let us discuss some of its symptoms:

  • Acne

  • Thinning of hair

  • Gain in weight

  • Irregular periods

  • Ovarian cysts

How to treat PCOS with Diet?

Here we will discuss some of the basic diet changes that can help you control PCOS and ease its symptoms and severe damages.

Mylo PCOS Diet Plan

Eating a healthy Diet is compulsory not just for PCOS but also for staying healthy and fit. With a proper diet, you can easily manage your symptoms and regulate hormones that further helps to manage the menstrual cycle. Don’t forget to check the doctor’s recommended Mylo PCOS Diet plan to avoid side effects.

Avoid Sugars

Try to eliminate the intake of sugar as it affects hormones badly on hormones. Add whole food since they are free from sugar, preservatives and hormones. Also, these foods are natural and unprocessed that you can easily add to your Diet. With this Diet, your hormones and endocrine system work naturally and regulate the blood sugar level.

Cut out coffee

Excess coffee consumption may increase oestrogen levels and affect hormone behaviour. Add the best alternative to boost energy, such as herbal tea or green tea. This tea naturally improves the probiotic properties that help you stay fit and healthy. Further, it works on managing weight that is needed in PCOS.

Keep a check on weight

If you are overweight or adding pounds every week, even controlling your Diet, you must check with PCOS. Healthy weight, proper insulin levels and regular periods can naturally reduce the risk of PCOS. To maintain your weight, you must check the Mylo PCOS diet plan for fast and easy results.

Take good night sleep

Having a good sleep is extremely important to balance your cortisol and other hormones. Disturbance in sleep is a common cause in women with PCOS. So, to avoid serious effects, one should take eight hours of sleep and establish a regular bedtime.

The Bottom Line

Considering the above natural remedies can help you have a healthy life without the risk of PCOS. Choose Mylo PCOS diet plan for healthy results, as it is doctor recommended. So, go and explore the Diet.



Why can’t some women conceive naturally? Know the reasons behind it and some easy ways to get pregnant without complications 

If you have been trying for a long time to get pregnant but not being able to conceive, then check out this post. Well, we can completely understand the feelings you are currently going through. You are just eagerly waiting for the day when your doctor gives you the good news that you are PREGNANT.

5 Possible reasons you may not get pregnant

Here are five major reasons.

Have Sex often

One of the reasons you are unable to conceive is you are having less sex. As per fertility doctors, around 80% of couples can conceive after six months of regular intercourse.

You’re not ovulating

Remember, if you are doing intercourse during the ovulating period, you won’t get pregnant. Anovulation is a major reason among women if they can’t conceive, and it can be of many reasons.

PCOS is a common issue in anovulation. Most women are diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD; if you are also one, then choose Mylo PCOS diet plan to control it right now and reduce its effects.

If a male is infertile

It often seems that women are always considered as a major reason for not being pregnant. But in many cases, males are the biggest reasons that affect the women’s capability to conceive. However, male infertility refers to the poor quality of sperm. Get a consultation done with your doctor to have a clear idea of the issues.

Age Infertility

Age affects the quality of eggs; this further increases the risks of infertility and major problems like miscarriage.

A problem in fallopian tubes

Around 25% of females have a problem with fallopian tubes that causes infertility. Uterine structure and blocked fallopian tubes are the common reasons. In case you don’t know about fallopian tubes, consult your doctor about it.

The Bottom Line

These are the most common reasons for female infertility. If you have PCOS, then check out Mylo’s PCOS diet plan to prevent its symptoms and get pregnant. Also, we recommend you get a professional health check-up from the best gynaecologist near you to know the reasons behind the issues.



10 Things that you Should NEVER Keep in Your House

Things not to keep at Home: Apart from being beautiful, a house must also be peaceful and have a positive aura so that the members of the family can stay together in harmony. Vastu shastra has been used as a guiding principle in building homes since ancient times. Feng Shui is also becoming very popular these days. In both these sciences, some objects have been mentioned, which when kept in the house, emit a negative aura and adversely affect the health and well-being of the people living in the house.

10 Things You Should Not Keep in Your House

1) A Sinking Boat / Ship

It is believed that having a picture of a sinking ship in your house can act as an obstacle to the progress of the people living in the house. Just like a sinking ship is moving towards its end, in the same manner, the future of the family also goes for a toss. Such images should not be kept in the house.

2) Image of a Crying Child

The image of a crying or a sad child brings negativity into the house. Keeping such images in the house, specifically affect the health of the women in the family. A gloominess also tends to exist in the house. Instead of this, one should keep an image of Lord Krishna as a baby eating white butter. This is very auspicious.

3) Any War Scene or any Scene from the ‘Mahabharata’

It is not a good idea to decorate the walls of your house with a war scene or any scene from the Mahabharata, as this facilitates a war-like situation in the house as well. Keeping such images can increase fights and tiffs in the family.

4) Broken Idols

You should never keep broken idols in your house. If you have broken idols of any gods or goddesses, they should either be put into flowing water or they should be kept at the root of a green tree. Keeping broken idols increases negativity in the house and brings many problems into the lives of the people of the house.

5) A Photo or Idol of Nataraja

It is very common to find the idol of a Dancing Nataraja, especially in the homes of dancers, but this idol is actually very inauspicious. The idol shows the dancing Shiva, but it depicts destruction and affects the health of the family members.

6) Broken Mirror or Glass

Any broken mirrors or glass pieces should be thrown away as they bring negative energies into the house. Many people do not replace broken glass and continue to keep it. This gives rise to a ‘Vastu dosh’ and leads to a loss of family resources. Never keep a broken mirror in your house and never see your face in a broken mirror.

7) Dried, Wilted Plants or Plants with Thorns

It is good to keep some plants in the balcony/garden but according to Vastu, you should never keep plants that have thorns or which are dried and wilted. Such plants pose an obstacle to the flow of energy in the house, prevent prosperity and the inflow of money into the house. Always remove any dried and wilted leaves from your plants.

8) Running Taps

If there are any taps in your house which do not stop running, get them repaired at the earliest. Constant running water is not just the wastage of water but it also leads to the wastage of money. Containers full of water are the epitome of wealth and prosperity.

9) Disorganized and Dirty Main Door

Always keep the main door of your house clean and organized. Hang a nice nameplate on the door along with a bandhanwar, as this brings positivity into the house. Never keep garbage in front of or around the main door as this invites negativity inside the house.

10) Stopped Watches

A watch or a clock is useful only when it is working. According to Vastu, a watch affects the flow of energy. A working clock attracts positive energy while a stopped one gives rise to negative energy. To avoid loss of money and prosperity, remove all stopped clocks and watches from the house or change their battery.

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Can PCOS/PCOD affect the fertility of women? Read out this post and a short guide to know its causes, symptoms and prevention tips. 

PCOS/PCOD is one of the most common reasons women get into trouble while getting pregnant. PCOS is a polycystic ovary syndrome which is also known as PCOD. It occurs due to hormone imbalance that interferes with the reproductive system.
When a woman is suffering from PCOS, she generally has larger ovaries than normal. These ovaries have many tiny bigger ovaries that contain immature eggs. Despite that, it is a treatable and common cause of infertility that can easily be treated by following the Mylo PCOS Diet Plan.

Let us go a little deeper into PCOS.

About PCOS

It is commonly known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that occurs due to hormonal imbalance of the reproductive system. Generally, ovaries produce eggs that release each month as part of a healthy menstrual cycle. In PCOS, eggs may not develop and may not release as they should be. Resultant, irregular periods lead to infertility and the development of cysts.

Causes of PCOS

Most women are found with PCOS in their 20s and 30s when they get problems while getting pregnant. However, it can happen at any age, even at the time of puberty. The common causes of PCOS are:

  • When male hormone “androgen” suddenly increases in the body it prevents the eggs from releasing in the body than normal.

  • A high level of insulin also creates a disturbance in hormones that simply affects the physical activity of the woman and creates diabetes. Also, it affects their fertility level.

Does PCOS create other health issues?

PCOS creates common issues in women like:

  • Diabetes

  • High Blood pressure

  • Poor cholesterol level

  • Sleeping disorder

  • Depression

  • Endometrial cancer

How to treat PCOS?

There is no permanent cure for PCOS, but you can easily manage the symptoms and prevent PCOS as early as possible. With the help of your doctor, you will get a complete treatment plan along with the Mylo PCOS diet plan that naturally works on your body and controls the effects of PCOS.

How to prevent PCOS?

By adopting healthy lifestyle habits and using a natural home remedies can easily prevent the side effects of PCOS. Here are few suggestions:

  • Do regular exercise

  • Take plenty of fluids

  • Limit the intake of carbohydrates

  • Maintain the healthy weight

  • Be active in physical activities

The Bottom Line

PCOS can cause infertility, but with the help of IVF, women can get pregnant and enjoy womanhood. Also, by following some preventive measures, you can easily identify the symptoms and control their effects. Just add on Mylo PCOS diet plan and some exercises to maintain the side effects of PCOS on your fertility.



What are the parameters involved in a Full Body Check-up?  

The majority of people think that undergoing a full body checkup is a waste of money however these health check-up packages have always proved to be the quick-witted way to save huge amounts of money that might be required for some major surgeries or treatments. A full body check-up is a diagnostic scan of your entire body to check for any abnormalities and disorders in the functionality of the organs. The reports of a full body checkup can act as a warning sign in case there are no signs and symptoms of any disease. According to medical experts, all people over the age of 20 should get their whole-body checkups done from a reliable diagnostic center. A full body checkup can also give you an alert for genetic diseases and your unhealthy habits hence motivate you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The sample collection team can visit you and the procedure can be effortlessly done at the comfort of your home. Various diagnostic centers offer different health packages so you undergo any of the packages for the full body checkup after consulting it with your health care provider. Here is a list of 77 parameters that are included in a health checkup package:


  1. Insulin- Fasting

  1. Fructosamine

  1. HbA1c

  1. Blood Ketone (D3HB)

  1. Average Blood Glucose (ABG)

  1. Fasting Blood Sugar


  1. Anti-CCP (ACCP)

  1. Anti-Nuclear Antibodies (ANA)


  1. VLDL Cholesterol

  1. Triglycerides

  1. HDL Cholesterol- Direct

  1. LDL Cholesterol- Direct

  1. Non-HDL Cholesterol

  1. TC/HDL Cholesterol Ratio

  1. LDL/HDL Ratio

  1. Total Cholesterol


  1. Urine Ketone

  1. PH

  1. Urinary Protein

  1. Nitrite

  1. Urinary Glucose

  1. Urine Blood

  1. Urobilinogen

  1. Urinary Bilirubin

  1. Urinary Leucocytes


  1. LP-PLA2

  1. Homocysteine Test

  1. APO-A1 (Apolipoprotein –A1)

  1. APO-B (Apolipoprotein-B)

  1. HS-CRP (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein)

  1. APO B/ APO A1 Ratio (APO B/A1)

  1. LP (A) [Lipoprotein (A)]


  1. Bilirubin Total

  1. Bilirubin (indirect)

  1. Protein Total

  1. SGPT (Alanine Transaminase)

  1. Serum Globulin

  1. Alkaline Phosphatase

  1. Serum ALB/Globulin Ratio

  1. Albumin Serum

  1. GGT (Gamma Glutamyl Transferase)

  1. Albumin Serum

  1. SGOT (Aspartate Aminotransferase)


  1. Total Triiodothyronine (T3)

  1. Total Thyroxine (T4)

  1. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)


  1. Uric Acid

  1. Cystatin C

  1. Calcium

  1. URI. Albumin/Creatinine Ratio (UA/C)

  1. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)

  1. BUN/ Sr. Creatinine Ratio

  1. Urinary Microalbumin

  1. Creatinine Serum

  1. Creatinine Urine


  1. Vitamin A

  1. Vitamin E

  1. Vitamin D2

  1. Vitamin D total

  1. Vitamin K

  1. Vitamin D3

  1. Vitamin B1 Thiamin

  1. Vitamin B2 Riboflavin

  1. Vitamin B3 Nicotinic Acid

  1. Vitamin B5 Pantothenic

  1. Vitamin B6 Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate

  1. Vitamin B7 Biotin

  1. Vitamin B9 Folic Acid

  1. Vitamin B12 test


  1. Lipase Serum

  1. Amylase Serum


  1. Magnesium


  1. Testosterone


  1. TIBC (Total Iron Binding Capacity)

  1. Ferritin

  1. Iron

  1. Percentage of Transferrin Saturation

You can ask for different offers and discounts on the full body checkup packages after having a word with the staff of a diagnostic center.



Why is it important to have a Full Body Checkup every once in a while?   

Regular checkups are essential because it’s better to prevent an illness than undergoing the tedious process of treatment. In today’s highly toxic face-paced world, on one hand, the number of diseases is increasing whereas on the other hand lifespan is reducing due to stress and other problems. An unhealthy lifestyle and lack of sleep can cause many health problems that can affect in a long run. This is why your doctor will always recommend you to undergo a full body checkup every once in a while. Regular medical checkups help in diagnosing an ailment before it becomes a problem for you and your loved ones. Early detection gives you the chance to undergo proper treatment and it avoids various complications as well. The benefits of regular checkups are as follows:

  • It reduces your risk of ailing

  • Detects life-threatening diseases and disorders timely so that they can be cured properly

  • Increases lifespan by improvising health

  • Increases the chances for timely treatment

  • Limits the risk of complications as all the organs are closely monitored

  • Reduces health care costs

  • It keeps you updated on vaccinations and other screening tests

  • It makes you more aware of the latest medical information and technology

  • It improves a doctor-patient relationship

  • It confirms that your vitals are functioning correctly

  • It can detect the genetic diseases

Below mentioned are some of the tests that are included in full body checkups:

  • General physical examination (weight, BMI, blood pressure levels, thyroid test, blood glucose levels, height, pulse rate, etc.)

  • Lipid profile for assessing cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases if any

  • Hemogram and blood tests to determine anemia and other infections

  • Liver function tests

  • Urine examination

  • Kidney function tests

  • Chest X-ray for lung functioning

  • Dental checkup

  • ECG for heart functioning

  • Ultrasonography of abdomen

  • Certain cancer checks

  • Breast examination (Mammogram for women)

  • STD screenings if you’re sexually active

  • Pap smear for women

  • Eye checkup

  • PSA for men

  • Osteoporosis

  • Risk assessment test against diabetes

  • Depression

  • Hearing tests

When your primary goal is to take good care of your health then you should not compromise undergoing regular full-body checkups. Do not wait to fall sick to visit your doctor. You can consult your family doctor if you wish to undergo a full body checkup or if you don’t understand which tests/screenings should be a priority according to your age. There are various diseases and disorders in your body which do not show any signs or symptoms yet they have caused immense damage to your body. According to the experts, screenings and tests are a vital part of your healthy lifestyle because a good diet and exercise alone can’t help enough. Diseases must be identified at the earliest because finding problems early are easy to cure. Investing in your health care should be a requirement and should not be done by choice. Do not postpone your scheduled appointments with your health care provider, consume a nutritionally balanced diet, lead a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water and invest ample time in exercising to stay healthy, fit, and active.



Top 5 changes a Diabetic should make in his/her routine to stay healthy 

Working closely with an Endocrinologist and Nutritionist can help you effortlessly manage your diabetes. All you have to do is just make some changes in your lifestyle. Whenever you are diagnosed with diabetes your main purpose is to keep the levels of blood sugar in control. Here are the top 5 changes that every diabetic should make in his/her routine to stay healthy:

  • Diet- Regardless of the health issues, everyone must consume a nutritious balanced diet to stay healthy. Consuming an unhealthy diet can badly affect your blood sugar levels. Eating well is a vital part of diabetes management so you must focus on eating fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, and whole grains. Prefer eating lean meat and non-fat dairy products. Limit your intake of junk foods, processed foods, sugary and oily foods because carbohydrates can increase your blood sugar levels. Instead of eating 3 large heavy meals, you must consume 5 frequent small meals as that helps in fast metabolism. Eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from your life and drink plenty of water.

  • Exercise- If you are not a morning person then you can go out for a walk in the evening. If you don’t have enough time to go to a gym then you can practice online yoga or aerobics under the supervision of a personal fitness trainer. Start slow and have some realistic goals. You can go jogging in the morning and practice some breathing exercises as that rejuvenates your soul, body, and mind. You can park your car at the far so that you can walk up to your office. Instead of using elevators, you must take stairs as that will keep your blood sugar levels in control.

  • Medication- Your doctor will prescribe you diabetes medications, insulin, and other multi-vitamins as that will keep you active and fit. If your medicines, diet, and exercise aren’t working on your blood sugar levels then your doctor might change the size and timings of the dose.

  • Cut back on alcohol and quit smoking- If you have a bad habit of drinking alcohol along with insulin and other oral medicines then you are dropping your blood sugar to dangerous levels. You can easily control your blood sugar levels if you cut back on alcohol, cigarettes, and illicit drugs.

  • Manage stress- Anxiety and stress are common to cope-up with today's hi-tech and fast-paced lifestyle. You might forget to take your medicines, can forget to eat meals, can even forget to do exercise and all these can badly fluctuate the blood glucose levels in your body. You can comfortably manage your hectic lifestyle and stress-related problems by practicing yoga, deep breathing exercises or simply investing few minutes in your favorite hobby.

  • Get checkups- If left untreated diabetes can affect various parts of your body like kidneys, nerves, eyes, feet, and heart. Regular visits to your doctor will help you keep a check on your blood pressure levels, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, etc. Your doctor will advise you to undergo a full eye checkup once a year. The endocrinologist will keep a close check on your nerves and foot ulcers.



Maintain your Health with these Vastu Tips!

Following Vastu Shastra at home can create a positive environment and send out good vibes. This, in turn, can lead to good health. A healthy home leads to good health.

Your health is directly affected by the surroundings you live in, so a positive and healthy house is essential. The right Vastu in the house not only helps to cure diseases, but it can also keep you in good health; both physically and mentally. Vastu pumps up your body and gives it the strength to fight diseases much faster. In fact, the wrong Vastu in your house can actually make you prone to illness, mental stress, and bad vibes.

Here are a few Vastu tips that you should follow in order to maintain your health and avoid any mental and physical stress.

1) The Direction in which you Sleep

Whenever you sleep, make sure you are sleeping with your head facing south. Sleeping in this direction enables you to sleep better. Better sleep means better health. Also, one should turn towards the right and sleep.

2) Staircase

The staircase is an important part of your house. A staircase should never be constructed in the middle of the house. It should always be made in one corner of the house.

3) The Right Place for the Kitchen

Vastu says that there is the right location for your kitchen. Make sure your kitchen is situated in the southwest corner of the house. If the kitchen is not located in this direction, the health of the people living in the house may get affected.

4) Overhead Beam

Beams are a crucial part of any house. Beams not only make the foundation of the house strong but also add to the decor of the house. Always make sure that overhead beams don’t cross the house from the middle since it is believed that this can bring negative thoughts into the house.

5) Put Plants inside your Home

Indoor plants are very beneficial for the house. Plants bring positive vibes into the house. If you keep a green pot with green plants in it, in the north direction of the house, it can increase wealth and help with career growth. Indoor plants help to improve health by spreading positive vibes inside the house.

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How to calculate when your next period date will be?

When the lining of your uterus sheds, that is the time when your periods start, and it also makes as the official start of your period cycle. However, sometimes in the given pace of time, one may forget to keep a note as to when their next menstrual cycle may occur, and it is imperative to know when it may happen as that also decides how your ovulation cycle will turn up.

Ovulation days can be identified only when you have a clear idea about your menstrual cycle. One of the ways to calculate when your next period date will be is by using a period tracker. You can download the Mylo app and use their period tracker. A period track helps you in knowing when your next date will fall just with the inclusion of a few details which have to be entered by you.

How to use a period tracker to know the date of your next period?

The period tracker tool is very easy to use and can be used right on your smartphone, and you can record the date so that you know exactly when you’re going to have your next period cycle and also decipher your ovulation dates.

All you have to do is enter the date when you had your period, and after that, you have to enter the length for which your period lasted and the average length to which your period usually lasts.

After this, the period tracker tool will give you a description as to which is the date you will have your next period, estimated ovulation date, estimated fertile window, predicted period, and when will be the best time to conceive as well.

This is one of the best ways to improve the chances of conception. The period tracker tool available on the Mylo app is a great choice and can come in really handy when you wish to plan your family.



Hello frnd mag last LMP was on 1st July . In this month I had ovaltion study and my egg released in flipins I n 13th day of may priod .. we intercourses in ovaltion days. From last some days wet vaginal secretion is there and it is very stretchy.. bohot jada nai hota but thoda hota he . Is it sign of period or pregnancy ?


Improve your Love Life with these 5 Simple Vastu Tips!

Everyone goes through a struggle at some point in their life and that’s when nothing appears to be good. From your career to your relationships, everything takes a backstage. This causes problems in your relationships. All you can think of doing is praying to god for some miracle. But would you believe it if we tell you that all the answers to your problems are within your home itself?

Yes, the answer is Vaastu Shastra. It means “science of architecture”. Vastu Shastra is actually the text of the Hindu religion which describes various principles of design, layout, measurement, and spatial geometry. These designs combine architecture with nature.

Follow these 5 Vastu tips to bring happiness into your love life:

1) The Door of your Bedroom

According to Vaastu Shastra, the door of your bedroom is considered to be a symbol of the possibilities that your life can offer to you and should open completely, without any obstruction, to at least 90 degrees. It will allow positive opportunities to enter the room. If the bedroom door cannot easily open at a 90-degree angle, then it can block such possibilities from entering your life.

2) Location of your Bedroom

The southwest corner of your house is the most dominant corner. It is where the owner of the house should always be positioned. In case of no elders, only the married couple should make it their bedroom, in the case of the elder couple, the married couple can also take the northwest portion of the house. The southwest direction helps to improve and maintain a good understanding among partners. A good understanding leads to a happy married life.

3) Location of the Bed

The most ideal place for setting your bed up is the South-West side of your bedroom. According to Vaastu, there should be a wall behind the headrest and not an open window because a steady wall encourages the feeling of security and hence provides a peaceful sleep. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the bed should not be in front of the door as it brings uneasiness while sleeping.

4) Decoration of the Bedroom

Lighting plays a very important role and affects your mood as well. Lighting also influences your married life. To avoid causing any bad influence on your married life, the lights in the room should be soothing warm. One shouldn’t use glaring lights in the bedroom.

The walls of the rooms should be painted in hues. Colours such as blue, and shades of purple (which is the colour of emotions) can also be used. Using blue bed sheets can be very helpful as blue denotes Venus, the Goddess of love, marriage, and beauty. Always avoid colours such as black and grey in a bedroom.

5) Position of the Mirror

Mirrors, whether used for a decorative purpose or for a utility purpose, should never be placed in the direction opposite to the bed, especially while sleeping. Mirrors symbolize the splitting of energy which can increase tension and even lead to infidelity. But if you have no other place to keep the mirror you must cover the mirror with a curtain before you go to sleep.

Note: The southeast direction should be absolutely avoided by couples as it leads to conflict, aggression, and even infertility in the partner. The northeast is considered to be a high energy direction because of the presence of the element ‘fire’, making this direction an ideal place for spiritual and religious activities. It is considered an offence to lead a married life in the house of God.

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10 awesome ways to save money before planning a baby

Being financially intellectual and well researched before you are ready for a baby is crucial. Here are certain ways in which you can try to save money before you plan a baby.

Ways to save money for baby planning:

  1. Instead of stocking up on diapers, make cloth nappies at home or buy nappies in a budget. Diapers are way more expensive and are not needed when your baby is at home.
  2. Buy clothes in a limit. Your baby won't mind repeating clothes, and so you don't need to buy new clothes for your baby every now and then. The more you save on luxuries, the more you can invest in essential items.
  3. Instead of buying baby food, switch to alternatives at home like soup, boiled veggies, storing breast milk, etc. Do not go for expensive packaged baby food which is an unnecessary investment.
  4. Instead of getting multiple expensive toys, get some inexpensive toys which your child can have fun with, and it will be beneficial as there is no point in buying too many toys together since babies loose interest very fast.
  5. Buy products when they are on sale in advance or wait for them to go on sale if possible. You can also borrow or get some second-hand products if they are in good condition. This may be quite helpful when you are trying to save money.
  6. Don't go for very expensive or branded products. You can anyway get the same quality products from a local market, and there is no point in investing in premium-branded clothes or items for your baby.
  7. Don't invest in a nursery right away. Your baby does not need a separate room directly from the beginning. You can put up a bassinet near your bed and save the cost of a nursery.
  8. Buy things at a priority that you need at the moment. You don't have to stock up everything before you need it or your baby needs it. Invest in the things required presently only.
  9. Compare the costs of different items and services from other vendors before buying. You can get better prices from some places and research is crucial.
  10. Always make a budget for the entire month. You can use a Baby Budget Calculator tool to consider the expense you might be making on the household and your baby. The tool is available on the Mylo App for you to use.

These are some calculative ways of how you can save some money before you plan a baby. Investing is essential but doing it more smartly is much more critical.



Are you overweight? Must check five major warning signs and symptoms of Thyroid and know how to get rid of them quickly.  

The occurrence of Thyroid has become quite common. In a recent survey, 11% of people in India are affected by Thyroid disease. The primary reasons like menopause, depression, and more cognitive abilities. Besides, there are many more early signs of thyroid issues that one should be aware of.

So, let us know the causes and solutions to fix it without medications.

Five Major and Early signs of Thyroid disease

Go through the given symptoms carefully and try to control them for living a healthy life. Here are the signs.

  1. Tiredness: Well, it is easy to feel fatigued after daily activities. But if you are feeling tired without any reason, it can be an alarm of thyroid. Well, sometimes it is challenging to analyze fatigue as a true sign of having Thyroid. This is why Mylo Thyroid screening is best to choose. This would help you know the thyroid level in your body.

  1. Weight gain: It is one of the most common reasons that it disturbs metabolism and causes thyroid. Problems with metabolism can easily create problems in your body that naturally increases the risk of hypothyroidism. One of the best ways to check is Mylo thyroid screening to know the actual metabolic state in the body.

  1. Decrease heart rate: With thyroid development, it also affects your cardio-vascular health that results in a low heart rate. The Thyroid usually results in higher blood pressure due to much involvement in the activities.

  1. Compassion to heat: People who have thyroid disorder often experience sensitivity towards heat. The Thyroid affects metabolism, and it takes more energy to burn calories, resulting in unusual sensitivity to heat. Thus, people feel more sweating and anxiety while working.

  1. Weight Loss: Weight loss is also a critical clue you are suffering from thyroid issues. Sudden weight gain and weight loss are the common signs of thyroid disorder because of poor metabolism.

Easy remedies to control hyperthyroidism symptoms

  • Consume sugar-free diet

  • Add vitamin B, Probiotic, and gluten-free diet

  • Selenium, like Brazil nuts, grass-fed beef, etc., helps you reduce Thyroid.

  • Less stress and a regular workout can help you.


Thyroid causes distress in daily life, if you see early signs, get the cure. And don’t miss going with the Mylo Thyroid screening kit to know the root causes. The screening will help you identify whether you are affected by this disease or these are hormonal changes.



What are the possible reasons behind the excessive hair fall? This post shares the list of causes that you can’t ignore.

Why is your hair falling out? What are the causes behind it? Let us find it in this post.

Now-a-days, hundreds of research papers are available on causes of hair fall on the internet. If you are also suffering from hair fall, then you don’t need to worry. Hair Fall is a common problem for both males and females. However, if hair strands usually fall more than a significant amount, it can cause distress.

So, to ensure your hair fall health, we have covered the most common causes of hair fall that will help you identify yours and try to avoid them as soon as possible. You can even opt for the Mylo hair screening test kit that allows you to test your hair problem from the clinical tests.

Common causes of hair loss


Hair fall during and post-pregnancy is common among women. It happens due to a decrease in estrogen hormone levels. Also, these types of hair fall are curable and temporary, which sometimes treat by themselves.

However, to keep your hair volumizing and healthy, you can add a rich diet, using organic hair care products, and applying regular hair conditioners to give your hair deep nourishment.


It is an autoimmune condition that causes hair to fall suddenly and in drastic numbers. This happens due to the attack in the immune system that usually hits follicles, also other important parts of the body. If a person is feeling the same, then check with the Mylo Hair screening test kit and take assistance from the doctor.

Medications side effects

Sometimes poor medications affect the growth of hair—for example, blood thinners, antidepressants, beta-blockers, high cholesterol, and more.

Consuming birth control pills

In research, it proves that consuming too much Birth Control Pill affects the hair follicles, and women suffer from hair loss. If you have taken or are still using pills, stop it right now. It lowers androgen levels and increases the risk of hair loss.

Fungal infection

Sometimes a fungal infection, especially ringworm, can be a major cause for hair fall. However, it is temporary and curable easily. If it does not cure by itself, then calling an expert can help you.

The Bottom Line

So, you have learned the different and most common reasons for hair fall. Try to avoid these and develop a healthy lifestyle. However, if you still don’t know the cause of your hair fall, then go for the Mylo hair screening test. This would help you identify the root cause; hence you can recover easily and without side effects.



What should you do when you find your pillow covered with damaged hair? Check out this post to know its causes and easy remedies to fix it. 

Hair fall is normal in many cases, but when you find your pillow covered with damaged hair, it’s time to ask for expert help. As per the American Academy of Dermatology, a person usually loses 50-100 strands every day; it seems like huge numbers. But no one needs to worry about it.

Do you know? On average, every human has 100,000 hair follicles, and each follicle can provide 20 hairs for a lifetime, in which 100 strands seem incomparable.

What if you find your hair on the pillow? What are its causes? What all things can help you stop hair fall without any issue? For a better solution, opt for the Mylo Hair fall screening test. It will help you know about the changes in hormones and provide you reports about various issues in your Hair fall.

What are the causes of hair fall?

Dermatologists always say hair fall is expected. If you find your pillow with 10-15 hair, consider it normal since these are damaged hair. However, if the number of hairs increases drastically, below can be the significant reasons for damaging your hair.

  1. When you toss and turn at night while sleeping, your hair gets rubbed against the pillow fibers, which can cause hair to break. Eventually, it makes your hair look thinner.

  1. Frizzy and dry hairs are the apparent reasons for the breakage of hair on the pillow.

  1. Keeping your hair tie-up or regular harsh brushing of your hair are the reasons for hair fall.

  1. Nutrient's deficiencies can be the reason for hair fall. To ensure the hair health check-up, one must look into the Mylo hair fall screen test. This would allow you to call the technician at home to collect the sample and know the reports within days.

  1. Excessive shampoo, stress, alopecia, elastic bands, etc., can be possible reasons for hair fall.

How to protect your hair to stop hair fall?

Here we will talk about beautiful hair care tips that help you keep your Hair protected while sleeping.

  • Avoid taking stress

  • Drink plenty of fluids

  • Consume rich diet

  • Do not brush your hair harshly


So, you can see you don’t need to panic. Everyone loses hair every day, but you can improve your hair strands by simply adding and eliminating some habits in your daily lifestyle. If you are unknown with hair fall issues, go and check this Mylo hair fall screening test. It will identify the significant causes of hair fall. Once you get to know them, you will start caring accordingly.



Are you looking for a permanent solution for your hair fall? Check out this post and know the causes and how to fix it. 

How often have you heard from your grandmother that hair fall is normal? I think, many times.

Is this happening to you? Well, don't worry! You are losing damaged hair from the scalp. However, if you see bald patches, clumps in your hair fall, and hair falling out in a heavy ratio, check out the Mylo Hair fall screening test from the comfort of your home.

This allows you to check the health of your hair, especially the iron and protein level in the hair. In this, a group of tests will be undertaken, such as TSH-ultra, Vitamin B12, Ferritin, and more.

How much hair loss is normal?

As per the American Academy of Dermatologists, losing 50-100 strands a day is normal for people with longer hair. Hence, losing hair strands depends on the type and length of your hair.

What are the causes of hair fall?

Hair fall is normal until you are not having the following issues with your hair.

  • Alopecia

  • Lupus

  • Thyroid

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Female partial hair loss

Other general causes like excessive washing, chemicals, and bleaching your hair are responsible for hair fall. However, for accurate judgment or to know the causes Mylo hair fall screening test is available to you.

How to treat hair fall at home?

Here we will discuss the essential tips to regrow your hair without any medications.

  1. Oil massage

Your scalp needs a massage after every week. This improves hair thickness, blood circulation and improves hair follicles. Also, oil massage nourishes the scalp and encourages hair growth.

  1. Onion Juice

Onion is a well-known kitchen ingredient that helps to restore the growth of hair. Studies show that onions work in improving the blood flow to cuticles, which naturally keeps your hair healthy.

  1. Lemon

Fresh lemon juice can help you to improve hair’s quality and growth. Always apply lemon juice 15 minutes before washing your hair.


Hair fall is a common problem that every third man and woman faces. But if it increases day by day, it's time to check on Mylo hair fall screening test to know the health of your hair and find the best solution to fix it naturally.



Hello frnds mera 9th month shuru hone lga keh rhe h 9th m garm cheeze khao ghee khao niche beth k poocha maro...pls mujhe btao ki kya garm cheeze kha skhti hu m or kya nai...kuki mere ghr m koi bada ni h m or mere husbnd h bs or mujhe kuj ni pta pls help me


Do you feel weakness and fatigue after work? Well, don't waste time and take the women's health test now. 

Many women ignore their physical health as they are so indulged in their household chores and other matters. Therefore, every person should take a test at regular interval to know where the body lacks and the requirement of vitamins and minerals.

Taking a health test will clear your doubts and give you a detailed report about your physical health. With the help of the Mylo Women's Health Test, you will get all the information and advice from trusted and experienced doctors.

Why should women go for health tests?

There are many reasons why women should go for health check-ups. Listed below are some of the reasons that you should know:

  1. It helps to detect the problem: If you feel uncomfortable and couldn't feel well, you should go for the health check-ups as it will identify the problems at the prior stage and helps to eliminate them quickly.

  1. Increases the lifespan: With regular health check-ups, you can increase your lifespan and improve health by following up the health routine. Regular health check-ups are essential, so book your Mylo Women's Health Test and get consulted by experienced doctors.

  1. Check on the blood sugar and other nutritional content: With the help of health check-ups, you can know about your blood sugar levels and monitor the iron, vitamins, hormonal level, and many other aspects of the body.

What happens if you neglect regular check-ups?

If a person neglects to have regular health check-ups, then they have to face many consequences like:

  • They wouldn't be able to know the reason for their weakness and fatigue.

  • Sometimes, we can't identify the problem at its initial stage, but it goes out of hand when we notice things. That's why it is recommended to take a health check-up so that you can know about the problem at an early stage.

  • You don't want to take a risk with your life as if you are not ready for regular health check-ups, you wouldn't be able to monitor the vitamins and necessary nutrients in your body.

With Mylo Women's Health Test, you can monitor all these nutrients and take the diet according to it.


We can conclude that women should go for regular health check-ups to keep themselves healthy and fit with the information. Also, they shouldn't have to take much pressure from household and office work.

Mylo Women's Health Test tells you everything you should know about your health. So, book your test now and know about your health.



How does an ovulation calculator help you determine the right time for sex and conception? 

Knowing the time when you are ovulating makes it easier for a woman to conceive. This is why it is highly recommendable to keep track of your ovulation days while you are menstruating so that you can keep a track of your ovulation days. The days on which a woman is ovulating provide a higher chance of getting pregnant, and that is why it is suggested that women should try to get pregnant during their ovulation days. By having the knowledge of your ovulation cycle, you can easily analyse the right time to have sex with your partner and conceive a baby.

To get an idea about your ovulation cycle, you can use an ovulation calculator. Here is how an ovulation calculator can help you in tracking your fertility days.

How to know your ovulation cycle using an ovulation calculator?

  1. An ovulation calculator usually asks information about when you had your last period. You can simply enter the date of the first day of your period that you had the last time. 

  2. After entering the date, the next question the calculator asks is about the duration of your cycle, which means when does your next period cycle starts, which is probably somewhere between 28 to 30 days.

  3. On pressing submit, the ovulation calculator, gives you an approximate estimation of your most fertile days, your next menstrual period date, and the days when you can try to get pregnant to conceive a baby.

Ovulation calculator may not give you the exact date, but an approximate number of days between which you can have sex with your partner to increase that chances of conception of a baby. You can use the ovulation calculator tool in the Mylo App, which is very easy to use and understand. Just enter the information that has been asked, and get an estimate of your ovulation cycle on the go. The app can be installed on your Android smartphones and be used anytime you want. 



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