A C-Sec is the surgical delivery of a baby which involves incision

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Shopping, hairstyle and more!

Tingling sensation continues? As you glide into the 24th week, you may be feeling that much change has not occurred since the last week to this one. The next few weeks will be such that your body may not show too many symptoms of change but the symptoms that are already present may tend to aggravate a little more. For instance, last week we spoke about how your palms would feel a tingling sensation on them due the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This week CTS may go that extra mile and make your fingers and wrists turn rigid and numb. Move your wrists and fingers in circular motion to let the blood flow. This will provide you with temporary relief. Time for a new hairdo? Another thing you might have noticed is that your hair and nails are continuing to grow faster and rather wonderfully. Be grateful of the hair growth now, as post-delivery, your hair may fall out in large chunks. Cherish that luscious hair and try out a new hairdo, we say! Get on a shopping spree! Have you sorted out your wardrobe yet? In few more weeks, you are going to outgrow most of your clothes. Well, this is the perfect excuse to get on a shopping spree, don't you think so? Get some shoes for yourself too, now that your shoe size is definitely bigger. Do not hesitate to use tummy belts or lowers with belts, specially designed for maternity, to provide extra support to your belly. Vaginal Discharge Some women experience vaginal discharge throughout pregnancy. If you find it itchy or extremely foul-smelling, do contact your doctor immediately. Meanwhile, ensure the vaginal area is always dry and clean. Such problems if ignored may lead to urinary tract infections, which are again common in pregnancy. Anxiety about delivery Are you constantly thinking about the big day? What is that you are hoping for - natural or a C-section or something else? You may have all chances of a normal, natural delivery if you focus on a healthy, well-balanced diet and a good fitness routine. Remember to focus on your pelvic area and legs while exercising. Trouble in bed? You are probably finding it difficult to sleep comfortably, thanks to all the weight gain. Well, it is time to stop sleeping on your back now. SOS - sleep on side, preferably left, is the new position for you. You could also try a soft pregnancy pillow for some relief while sleeping. Upcoming tests Are you aware of the tests/scans that are coming up? You may have a glucose tolerance test around 24-28 weeks. It is a good idea for your partner to accompany you for such tests, from now on.

6 Tips to overcome fear of pregnancy

Fear is common when you are growing another life inside you. Most women who are pregnant for the first time tend to fear about labour, childbirth and parenting. Even during pregnancy, women are constantly feared about caring for the baby inside the womb.  Most of your fears are quite common based on pregnancy misconceptions and you are not alone as most soon-to-be mothers have fears about pregnancy. How to handle these fears? Some of the common fears include accidently rolling over the tummy while sleeping, lose the baby, premature birth, careless food habits affecting the baby’s development, failed to lose the excess body weight, painful labour, childbirth complications or even the fear of having a baby. Remember, these are normal and you are not the only one having these fears, so relax and do not feel guilty about it. Learn more about pregnancy, labour and childbirth from physicians, childbirth educators, pregnancy books, antenatal classes and authentic pregnancy website. Having complete knowledge about pregnancy itself, will give you all the confidence you need to go through your delivery without fear and stress. Try a mind relaxing activity like meditation, yoga, workouts or reading. This will help you prepare your body as well as mind to face pregnancy and labour. It will also keep your stress and anxiety at bay. Do not feel guilty and suppress the pregnancy fear within yourself. Talk to your spouse, parents and gynecologist. This will help you get the support you require to get through hard times and relieve you from stress and anxiety. Tokophobia is the morbid fear of pregnancy and childbirth, experienced by 1 in 6 women. The fear grows from nervousness to panic and full blown anxiety that leads pregnant women to do extreme measures. It is important to consult a therapist or a counselor to get relieved from the fear and get over it. Imagine your baby and the good times you’re going to have with your little bundle of joy. Plan for a babymoon with your spouse or a relaxing vacation with your family or friends. Do not stress about labour and delivery as there are many medical interventions that will help you have a better childbirth experience. content source