Baby Carriers

A baby carrier or traditionally known as a baby sling is a piece of cloth that supports an infant or a small child while carrying him or her. When babies are carried in proper position, it supports good hip development and prevents baby’s hip dislocation. Now, in modern times these traditional slings are replaced by trendy, good looking soft padded baby carriers that one can wear in front. Some baby carrier bags have adjustable options, to carry a baby either on the back or adjust the height. Babycarrier for new born are designed keeping in mind the head support and comfort for both baby and the carrier.

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Buy baby carrier bag at Mylo 

An easily adjustable baby carrier bag can help you easily carry your baby in a safe and secure way. Use it during your baby’s day out as it comes with adjustable buckles, straps and waistband.  

Buy baby carrier bag Online 

Pick the right kind of baby carrier for newborn after checking on the available features, weight size available and lumbar support available to you. 

Why buy baby carrier bag from Mylo? 

Get the freedom to carry your baby anywhere without the tension of dropping them wit

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Baby Carrier for Newborn and Babies at Mylo Store Price
Baby Carrier with Head Support & Adjustable Buckle Straps (6 - 24 Months) - Royal Blue 899
Baby Carrier with Head Support & Adjustable Buckle Straps (6 - 24 Months) -Grey and Royal Blue 999
Baby Carrier with Head Support & Adjustable Buckle Straps (6 - 24 Months) - Sky blue and Royal Blue 999
Premium 3 in 1 Comfortable & Adjustable Baby Carrier (6 - 24 Months) Royal Blue 1399
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