Stretch Marks Cream

Pregnancy has effects on not only your body weight, shape or size but it does leave few streaks on the skin folds like abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other parts. Stretch marks cream are helpful in reducing the appearance of such marks, dark spots & wrinkles and even helps to heal itching which is common during pregnancy especially in third trimester. Best stretch marks cream for pregnancy should be made out of natural ingredients and should be free of chemicals or other harmful substances. Stretch marks removal cream protects skin & prevents dryness as it is an excellent moisturizer. Many women continue to use stretch marks cream after delivery, which is a good practice.

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Buy Stretch Marks Cream at Mylo 

Improve skin elasticity and safeguard against stretch marks with a stretch marks cream designed to soothe ad accelerate healing.   


Buy Stretch Marks Cream Online 

Get the best of online deals on stretch marks cream to prevent stretch marks and improve skin elasticity as well.  


Why buy Stretch Marks Cream from Mylo? 

Bid goodbye to stretch marks with Mylo’s stretch marks cream enriched with the goodness of shea and coco butter to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and ensure that your skin stays hydrated & moisture locked. 


Stretch Marks Cream Price List 

Mylo Stretch Marks Cream 100g 399
Stretch Marks Butter (100 gm) 349
Stretch Marks oil - (100 ml) 339
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair (200 ml) 299
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair (200 ml) - Pack of 2 549
Mylo Stretch Marks Cream 200g 699
Mylo Stretch Marks- Day & Night Kit - Oil (100 ml) & Cream (100 gm) 649
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