Your first ultrasound will always be special when you conceive. This is what you'll experience...
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Your first ultrasound will always be special when you conceive. This is what you'll experience...

No need to get tensed or nervous, just snap into your first pregnancy ultrasound!

No doubts it’s an extremely emotional and exciting time for parents when a doctor recommends the would-be mother to undergo her first ultrasound scan. With the help of an ultrasound, parents can catch the first glimpse of their baby and find out how he/she is growing inside the womb. It is illegal in our country to enquire about the gender of the baby. Doctors recommend an ultrasound scan to detect signs of abnormalities and to monitor the growth of the fetus. Nowadays the advancement of science has made 3D and 4D ultrasound scan quite popular in the country because parents love to see real-time images and live streaming video of their little one.

An ultrasound scan is a painless test that is radiation-free and is performed by the doctor or a technically skilled person. It is non-invasive and completely safe, for both the mother and her baby. An ultrasound scan is done with a help of a plastic transducer that carries sound waves of high frequency through the uterus. The sound waves then bounce back and send signals to the scanner and convert them into your baby’s image. Why do doctors recommend Sonography (ultrasound scan) to a pregnant lady?

  • To confirm the pregnancy

  • To prevent an ectopic pregnancy

  • To calculate the due date

  • To prevent complications like miscarriage and molar pregnancy

  • To keep a track of the growth and development of the unborn child

  • To scan genetic abnormalities and birth defects

  • An essential part of your prenatal tests

  • To determine twins and multiples

  • You can listen to your baby’s heartbeat by the sixth week of your pregnancy

  • To check the placenta, baby’s position, and the movements later on

Your first ultrasound examination will be done in the first trimester of your pregnancy, basically when you are six to eight weeks pregnant. Try not to panic and simply drink water like a camel and go with a full bladder for an ultrasound scan, as scheduled by your doctor. Try to carry your bottle of filtered water and avoid urinating before the sonography. Make sure you are wearing loose fitted two-piece attire for your ultrasound scanning because that makes it easier for you to lift your top and get it done. The doctor will ask you to comfortably lie down on an examining table and will apply a gel on your abdomen so that the transducer can be moved effortlessly to obtain clear pictures of the baby. You must carry a hand towel or tissues with you so that you can wipe that gel after the scanning is done. You’ll be allowed to urinate as soon as the process ends. You must be having a question bank in your mind about all the questions related to pregnancy and your baby, so make notes on your phone and feel free to ask and clear all your doubts from your doctor.


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