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    Which 6 skills are expected from a child to be ready for preschool? 

    Updated on 29 January 2022

    6 Key indicators to consider if your child is ready to start preschool

    Is your child 3 already? Are you contemplating to enroll him/her in preschool? Is some kind of uncertainties are puzzling your mind to take that decision? If these above questions are matching your state of mind then you need to look for the key indicators that can help you decide if he/she is ready to take that first step in the classroom. And if you think, your child is not fulfilling the criterion, relax. It is perfectly OK to wait for the following semester or even next year.

    1. Age is not just the number: Preschools set a minimum age for when they will have to accept kids. Usually, parents enroll kids in a preschool when they are two to two-and-a-half years old. Different schools have different rules so check which one suiting your child. Wait for the right time!

    1. Toilet trained: You need to figure out whether your child can use the toilet independently most of the time. Occasional accidents are expected but preschoolers should have some basic knowledge of self-care such as putting on shoes/coats, zipping up pants, and washing hands.

    1. Sense of direction: Preschools do not lay down strict rules but it is expected that your child can understand and follow simple directions such as sit on the mat, put on your jacket and line up at the door, and so on. If that’s an issue for your child then you have to help them by following directions and completing simple tasks.

    1. Clarity in speech: No, a 3 years old child is not expected to speak articulately but in general, teachers should be able to understand what he is saying. If they can speak simple sentences of three to five words and can hear and understand what others are saying, the green signal is ahead.

    1. Separation anxiety: For kids who have already been in day-care, this is a piece of cake. But for the kids who have never been away from their parents even for an hour, separating can be an issue. If you have never left your child before, it is time to give it a try.

    1. Interaction with other kids: If your child has already been around kids such as siblings or relatives, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if the case is different, then work for it by arranging for playdates, signing up for a playgroup, and other ways to make them be with other kids.

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