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    These 6 fun activities are great for dad and baby bonding

    Updated on 29 January 2022

    Fun Activities for Daddy and Baby

    Moms usually have their hands full as far as infant care is concerned, as a result dads tend to feel left out. Experts believe fathers must interact with their newborns, as it lays the groundwork for deeper relationships as the child develops. It also offers Mom a respite and may assist fathers in discovering their inner teddy bear.

    For a father, bonding with a baby may be overwhelming. We've compiled a list of enjoyable activities for dad to do with his baby:

    1. Silly games to make a baby laugh: Almost every time, this amusing activity makes infants giggle. Lay your infant on your stomach, while lying on your back. Pick up the infant and hold him over your chest and face while making amusing flying noises. Rotate the baby in a gentle back-and-forth, up-and-down motion, making amusing noises and expressions in the process. It gives an impression that the baby is flying. Babies love this airplane game.

    2. Make funny Faces: Dads always have the potential to be the witty ones. Begin with creating goofy looks that will bring a big fat smile to your baby's face. Play games like peekaboo with your kid while the baby is lying.

    3. Diaper Changing: Though it's not the most enjoyable experience, it's a necessary part of having a kid. Yet, it's unexpectedly a fantastic time to bond. You may sing to them, chat to them, and play games with them, such as bicycling her legs. You can even give a fantastic massage to your baby. 10 to 15 minutes of gentle rub to the baby's legs, belly, arms, and neck, a way to make them relax.

    4. Dance with your baby: Even if they can't move on their own, babies like motion. Move and dance about the room with the baby on your shoulder or your hip. Put on some music and/or sing along. This is also a great way for Dad to get some exercise! As your child gets older, you may assist her with standing and dancing. Until she can groove to her beats.

    5. Take a Walk: Take your baby for a stroll around the neighborhood. Babies enjoy the fresh air. Instead of the stroller, try utilizing a sling or carrier. This will keep the baby close to you the entire time while you're walking. If it's hot outside, make sure the baby is covered in sunscreen and wrapped up if it's freezing.

    6. Read to your Baby: Yes indeed, you can read to a little infant, and it may develop a pattern that you will like later. Reading aloud to newborns and youngsters has been shown to help them gain a head start on reading later in life. It gives a reason for the dads to spend quality time with the baby.

    While we're on the subject of activities to do with your infant, there are a few things you should always avoid. Tossing newborns up in the air and catching them, is just not safe. Don't carry your baby while riding a machine like a riding mower or an ATV. Never run with the baby while you are carrying. Babies are too delicate; all they need is attention and care.

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