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    How to prepare your child for pre-school

    Updated on 29 January 2022

    As a parent, you are on top of the world when your child touches a milestone. Such is the case with your child's first school as well. But, did you think that sending your baby to their first school was so easy? Not at all. There are several things to do before you can get your little one preschool ready. Selecting a preschool for your child is just one part of it! Your child needs a lot more from you, and here are a few steps that will help you get your child comfortable with the whole concept of school!

    1. Talk about it

    Talk to your child about how a school is and what's done there. Tell them how they'll meet new people and make friends. Make it sound interesting! You could even talk about your school days! Don't over-prepare your child. Just a little bit now and then!

    1. Go for a school tour.

    Take your baby for a school tour so that they get familiar with the idea of going to school. Let your child also see how kids come to school, whether in a bus or car!

    1. Playschool school

    Children love and learn quickly if taught in the form of a game. Hence, give your child a book, pencil, a small stool or a table, a chair. You can wear glasses and be the teacher. Get a blackboard or a small slate hung on the wall and start teaching! You can begin to have 2-3 different classes. One of numbers, one to draw, and the last one to play!

    1. Read storybooks to them.

    Read to your child storybooks about what a school is and what happens there, how new friends are made and about the school rules too.

    1. Go shopping

    One great way of getting your child all excited to go to school is to take them shopping. Buy them a new bag, bottle, lunch box, and stationaries of their choice. It could be a cartoon character or their favorite color!

    1. Develop a sleep schedule

    If your child doesn't have the correct sleeping pattern, it becomes vital to change this. Your child needs at least 11-14 hours of sleep. Put your baby to bed early so that your baby's mind and body can relax and get prepped for the next day!

    1. Social confidence

    Try and teach your child about the basic etiquettes to be followed with people, whether elders or the same age group. Being polite, sharing things, not indulging in fights, and not cribbing about things are a few basic manners that your child should be taught!

    1. Do their things by themselves.

    Teach your child to eat their tiffin on their own despite the presence of school staff to help them. Pack easy-to-eat food in their box so that they don't have to be dependent on anybody else.

    1. Toilet training

    Although schools have staff to deal with diaper disasters, it would be great if you could start toilet training your little one!

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