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    How safe are mosquito coils or plug-in repellents for my child?

    Updated on 18 May 2022

    Which repellent is safe for your baby depends on her age, and the type of repellent that you choose.

    Mostly plug-in repellents and coils are convenient as they work well in a limited area, indoors. However, it's advisable not to use them around your baby. Let's read to know more:

    Plug-in repellents

    Plug-in mosquito repellents are manufactured in the form of vapourisers and mats. They may contain chemicals that are not safe for breathing and can aggravate breathing problems.

    Many at times it also irritate the eyes or cause allergies. In larger quantity, the chemicals can cause serious illnesses.

    If your area is plagued with frequent and long power cuts, plug-in repellents will be ineffective as it requires electricity.


    Te smoke of coils pollutes the air around them when burned indoors and used for long-term,. Children are more susceptible to air pollutant exposure than adults at faster pace.
    Furthermore, Long-term exposure side-effects can include allergies, asthma and persistent wheeze in children, as well as respiratory irritation. Research has also linked it with lung cancer because they produce smoke.

    Extra care should be taken while using these products as in avoiding inhalation of spray, fumes or smoke.

    Always be alert and keep in mind the below mentioned points while using coils and plug-in mosquito repellents:

    • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Bany should not be in the same room where the repellent is burning or switched on. Always turn off the repellent and ventilate the room well before bring the baby to that room.
    • Use coils outside doors and windows to keep mosquitoes away from entry points. Never to be used in enclosed spaces.
    • Never sleep in a closed room with a burning coil or a plug-in repellent that is on.
    • Always keep the burning coils away from your child's reach ,as it can cause serious burns. Coils can also pose a fire risk so make sure they are placed on a metal stand or plate in a safe area away from curtains, beds, household furniture, flammable materials or chemicals, paperor books.
    • Plug-in repellents often attracts babies and young children because of the bright light. Always make sure the device is well out of your baby's reach as it can pose an electrocution risk.
    • Take care he doesn’t play with any of these repellents. All these can be toxic if eaten. Always dispose burnt coils and empty plug-in bottles safely.

    Remember liquid vapourisers, coils and mats should only be used in addition to other ways of repelling mosquitoes, such as repellents that are applied to the skin, protective clothing and/or mosquito nets.

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