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      Cetirizine in Pregnancy: Meaning, Risks & Side Effects


      Cetirizine in Pregnancy: Meaning, Risks & Side Effects

      Updated on 3 November 2023

      Cetirizine is a medicine that anyone can buy at a pharmacy across the counter without a prescription. Cetirizine is available in the form of a pill or capsule. Most people take it once a day and it starts to work very quickly. Cetirizine is a safe and effective medicine, but people who take it should know a few things. In this article we will see is Cetirizine safe in pregnancy and learn what are the implications of taking cetirizine in pregnancy.

      What is cetirizine in pregnancy?

      Cetirizine is a non-sedating antihistamine that is commonly used in products like Benadryl one-a-day®, Zirtek®, Piriteze®, and Pollenshield®.

      To decide whether or not to use cetirizine in pregnancy, expectant mothers must consider its benefits against the risks it may provide to themselves and their unborn children. Then, choosing a course of treatment is something a pregnant woman and her doctor or expert can discuss.

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      What if I previously consumed cetirizine during pregnancy?

      A woman who takes cetirizine safe in pregnancy can talk to her doctor about this. Then, she and her doctor can decide if she needs to keep getting treatment. If the pregnant woman wants, the doctor will ensure she receives the correct dose of cetirizine in pregnancy.

      Does using cetirizine during pregnancy increase the risk of birth defects?

      During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a baby's body and most organs are formed. As a result, some medicines are more likely to cause congenital disabilities during this time than others.

      There is no proof that women who take cetirizine during pregnancy are more likely to have a baby with a congenital disability.

      Does taking cetirizine during pregnancy result in miscarriage?

      Around 430 women who took cetirizine early in their pregnancies were looked at to see how likely they would have a miscarriage. Even though the studies don't give any reason to worry that cetirizine causes miscarriages, more research is needed.

      Does cetirizine usage during pregnancy increase my unborn child's risk of preterm birth or low birth weight?

      Researchers found no evidence that using cetirizine during pregnancy increased the risk of having a baby born prematurely (before 37 weeks) or with a low birth weight (2500 g).

      Can cetirizine usage during pregnancy results in a stillbirth?

      The usage of cetirizine safe during pregnancy has not been linked to any cases of stillbirth. However, fewer than 200 pregnant women have been studied for their risk of stillbirth while taking cetirizine, thus more studies are needed.

      Can cetirizine usage during pregnancy affect the child's behaviour and learning ability?

      The baby's brain keeps growing right up until the end of pregnancy. So, it is possible that taking certain medicines at any time during pregnancy could have a long-lasting effect on a child's ability to learn or behave.

      No studies have examined how learning and behaviour change in children exposed to cetirizine while still in the womb.

      Will my infant require more supervision?

      As part of their routine prenatal care, most women will get a scan around 20 weeks into their pregnancy to check for congenital disabilities. However, taking cetirizine while pregnant usually doesn't mean that the baby needs to be watched more closely.

      Cetirizine Breastfeeding Warnings

      Following are a few factors to consider before using cetirizine:

      1. Travel and Use Machines with Caution.

      Even though most people don't get sleepy when they take cetirizine, some people do, especially after the first few doses. A pregnant woman should be careful and not drive or use machines until she knows how cetirizine will affect their body.

      2. Examine The Ingredients

      If a pregnant woman is allergic to cetirizine or its ingredients, she shouldn't take it. Also, don't give her cetirizine if she has an allergy to any antihistamine with hydroxyzine.

      3. If A Woman Is Pregnant or Breastfeeding, Proceed With Caution

      Suppose a woman is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. In that case, she should talk to her doctor or healthcare provider before taking cetirizine. Most of the time, it is safe to take cetirizine while pregnant.

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      Consult the Doctor

      If a pregnant woman with liver or kidney disease wants to take cetirizine, she should talk to her doctor about it. If the doctor thinks it's safe for the woman to take, they may tell her to take less than the usual amount.

      Is Tablet Cetirizine Is Safe During Pregnancy

      Cetirizine in pregnancy is a medicine that can help with allergy symptoms. A pregnant woman should talk to her doctor about any questions about her symptoms or other health problems. The doctor may suggest a drug combining cetirizine with another medicine that may need a prescription.


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