Are you prepared for your third trimester? Here are some secrets that no one ever shared with you.
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Third Trimester

Are you prepared for your third trimester? Here are some secrets that no one ever shared with you. 

A woman has to undergo various challenges and experiences during this beautiful journey known as pregnancy. On one hand, you must be counting the remaining days of your due date and on the other hand, you have to face several challenges be it mentally and physically during the third trimester of your pregnancy. With a baby in your womb, it is not at all easy to walk, bathe, eat, and sleep. You should be prepared for the good parts as well as the bad parts of your third trimester so below mentioned are some secrets that no one has ever told you:

  • You may pee several times in your pants and every time you sneeze or laugh aloud you may think that your water has broken. Constant anxiousness will be a part of this third trimester and you might have to visit the washroom endless times.

  • Flatulence and constipation can sometimes be uncontrollable. Don't fret and just eat fiber-rich food to avoid constipation and gas. You must also invest plenty of time exercising to keep your digestive system intact. Drinking a lot of water also eases bowel movements and combats gastric troubles during pregnancy.

  • Sex becomes quite uncomfortable because of the baby bump. It may be a cumbersome process for the couple to get involved in sexual activity during the third trimester. The sexual experience will be quite different from the ones you used to have before pregnancy because this time there are quite a lot of biological changes for instance- swollen vagina, leakage from breasts, swelling in the feet, backache, fatigue, and pelvic pressure. Moreover, your partner may be constantly feeling that he might harm the baby so you have to convince your partner that your baby is well protected in your amniotic sac.

  • The bloody show and the mucus plug are a clear sign that your baby will arrive soon anytime now. A thick amount of mucus is deposited to seal your cervical canal and if you notice that you are passing through brown or pink-colored smelly mucus then it means your cervix is dilating and you’re getting ready for labor.

  • The risk of hemorrhoids is always high in a pregnant woman because the baby puts on a lot of pressure on her internal organs. The dilated veins that occur near the rectum are known as hemorrhoids.

When your baby is on board there are several other challenges that you might have to face so you must not be hesitant with your spouse, close friends, or other family members. You might feel a little awkward when wandering in the market so don’t worry about those staring eyes. It might be hilarious for your spouse when he has to kneel to change your shoes but you must not worry because you can’t bend forward. Painting your toenails and shaving your legs can be a daunting task so don’t hesitate to call in your salon staff and get all the pampering done at the comfort of your home. Sleep deprivation is quite common but you shouldn't miss all the shopping fun because you’ll simply adore those tiny pretty rompers and mittens. Your partner might get scared when you wake up in the morning because with all your aches and pains you might wake up with a lot of creaks and groans.


Third Trimester

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