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    5 Key Benefits of playtime for your baby and learn some Useful Tips

    Updated on 2 November 2022

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    Dr. Sameer Awadhiya

    Dr Sameer has more than 10 Years of Experience as a specialist and more than 19 years of total experience - MBBS| DCH, DNB

    "Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity." - Kay Redfield Jamison.

    Playing is an essential part of growing up, and it not only strengthens fine and motor skills but also offers a platform to bond with your baby. We all look forward to the things we love; for the babies, that's their playtime.

    Playtime enhances all the essential elements of your little one's growth and helps fine-tune them. It helps build self-confidence and muscle mass and improves listening skills. Here are some other key benefits associated with your baby's playtime.

    Benefits of playtime for your little one

    Engages senses

    Your baby interacts with their eyes, ears, touch, hands, legs, and brain while they play. All their senses are alleviated and engaged when they play. Playing is an exercise for all the senses, and a baby becomes more aware of their surroundings and expresses themselves freely in a friendly environment.

    Stimulates early brain development

    Playing can help your child in brain development in many ways, as playing induces a lot of necessary experiences for your baby, which set the grounds for brain growth. The brains of infants have abundant brain cell connections, called synapses, which are enhanced by playing and help capture information.

    Play stimulates the young minds of children and enhances their brain development. The bright colors of the toys activate brain function and boost creativity among infants and toddlers.

    Fuels physical growth

    As your child starts to play, roll around, stretch towards its toys, etc., it enhances the physical movement of your baby, which in turn fuels their growth and development.

    The playtime provides a strong ground where the kids perform complex movements to catch their toy or to pick stuff from the ground. The tiny muscles in the fingers and hands get the required stretch and help to strengthen their musculature.

    Increase curiosity

    Playtime enhances the curiosity of your baby. The various colors, the shapes of their toys, the different textures, and all of it are new to them, and every little thing is an experience for them. Toys are their first friends; they feel connected and comfortable in their teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

    Best time to bond

    When you interact with your baby during playtime, they tend to acknowledge your presence, touch, and voice vividly. Playtime engagement is a great way to bond with your baby in all senses.

    When all babies' senses are engaged, they pay full attention to your face, voice, and touch. This helps them to connect better with their playing partner. Moreover, due to physical and mental engagement, playtime makes the baby tired, and they nap off to catch some sleep, which is essential for their growth and development.

    Useful tips

    1. Always accompany your child during their playtime.

    1. Ensure that the toys have soft edges and the baby might not accidentally put some small toys in their mouth. Always keep a close watch as there is an increased risk of choking.

    1. You can get a play gym for your baby with toys hanging. The Mylo Baby Bedding Set with Mosquito Net and Play Gym Hanging Toy has various colorful toys that are quite engaging for your baby. Plus, the play gym has soft bedding, which puts your baby at ease while playing. In addition, the mosquito net helps protect your little one from mosquito bites.

    With that said, your baby will thoroughly enjoy their playtime, and the experience will be more pleasant and fun with you tagging along. The playtime can make your tiny tot a little tired, so giving some light massage and a snack after their fun activity is best to help them slip off to bed quickly. Your child will only be small for a short span so make sure to spend quality time with your baby. You will not only have lots of memories to cherish but will also have no regrets later when they outgrow your lap.

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    Dr. Sameer Awadhiya

    Dr Sameer has more than 10 Years of Experience as a specialist and more than 19 years of total experience - MBBS| DCH, DNB

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