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    Caring for your Newborn

    21 Unbelievable Uses of Baby Wipes We Bet You Had Never Thought of

    Written on 11 April 2020


    Taking care of a baby's hygiene is essential to keep their health and skin at their best. After every diaper change, washing your baby's bottom is not the most feasible option. That is why baby wipes come in handy. However, there are a lot of doubts that parents have regarding the use of baby wipes.

    If you also have your mind filled with questions like 'Can baby wipes cause rashes?', 'Are they safe for my baby?', then we have answers ready!

    Can baby wipes cause rashes on your baby's bottom?

    The answer to the question is not simple. One of the factors that influence if the wipes cause rashes or not depends on what type of wet wipes you use for your baby. Here are the characteristics of a baby wipe that will not cause rashes on your baby's skin.

    Characteristics of a safe baby wipe for no rash assurance

    1. The baby wipes you buy must be made of skin-friendly material. The fabric must be soft and formulated especially for handling the sensitive skin of your baby.

    2. Make sure that the wet wipes you use for your baby are composed of natural and gentle ingredients such as aloe vera extracts, vitamin E, natural oils, and more.

    3. Buy only those wet wipes for wiping your baby's skin which is free from alcohol, parabens, and harmful chemicals.

    4. Water-based baby wipes are great for wiping your baby's skin as they pose no threat of rashes on the delicate skin of your baby and moisturize it even more.

    However, baby wipes can cause rashes if used roughly on the skin of your baby. Be gentle while wiping your baby's skin and also ensure that when you buy baby wet wipes online or at a store, have all the characteristics mentioned above in them.

    Keep reading to know about the uses of baby wipes and how to use baby wipes to give a sponge bath to babies.

    How to give a sponge bath to my baby?

    Keeping your baby’s skin healthy and clean is essential for the good health of your baby. A sponge bath does just the same. As babies have fragile skin, frequently bathing them daily can make their skin dry. A sponge bath is a perfect substitute to clean their skin without making it dry. Baby wipes have multiple uses, and one of them includes a sponge bath.

    So, to answer the question: Yes, you can give your baby a sponge bath with baby wipes as well. In fact, baby wipes leave your newborn’s skin more refreshed and moisturized than plain washcloths. However, here are some other things you need to take care of while giving a sponge bath to your baby-

    1. Collect all the supplies that you will need including a towel for your baby to lie down on, baby wipes, baby cleanser, a fresh set of clothes, a damp sponge, warm water, and a cozy room.

    2. Wipe your baby’s body with baby wipes. Use fresh wipes for different areas, especially for genitals and face.

    3. Take some baby cleanser on your palm along with 2-3 drops of water, work up a lather and gently smear it on your baby’s body.

    4. Use baby wipes again to clean up. Be careful around the eyes, ears, and nose.

    5. Pat, your baby, dry after the bath is done and immediately moisturize their body and put the fresh set of clothes on.

    If you use baby wipes for giving a sponge bath to your baby, you must make sure that they are water-based and do not contain alcohol, parabens, or any other harmful chemicals. It will be helpful if the wipes are made of natural ingredients which are gentle and moisturizing so that they do not harm the delicate skin of your baby. You can try Mylo Care Baby Gentle Wipes which are 98% water-based and are extra soft and do not contain alcohol or any other chemicals.

    Read on to know 21 unbelievable uses of baby wipes...

    Baby wipes are every mom’s secret to clean their baby’s mess. But did you know that if you have alcohol-free and pH-balanced wipes, you can use wipes as an all-purpose product that won’t be able to live without!

    So here are the ways in which wipes can make your life easier:

    1. Yes! original purpose – changing a diaper.

    2. Wipe the baby’s face and hands after meals.

    3. Freshen yourself and your baby when going outdoors.

    4. To blow kids’ noses.

    5. Wipe off the pacifier when it's dropped.

    6. Clean a cut when you don't have a first aid kit around.

    7. Clean kids’ toys.

    8. Remove your make-up.

    9. Best sneaker cleaner EVER.

    10. Works like magic getting crayons off walls.

    11. Great for wiping furniture.

    12. Wipe the table after your sweet family has eaten.

    13. Clean whiteboards.

    14. Eyeglasses clean up – it reduces scratches, too.

    15. For arts and crafts with your baby,

    16. Clean library DVDs and books.

    17. Clean up any puke in the car.

    18. Quick clean-up for high chairs.

    19. Yoga mat cleaner.

    20. Kill ants and bugs.

    21. Keep handy in the car for cleaning up after the playground or after having ice cream.

    These were some of the most relevant uses of wipes. We are sure you use them for many other innovative purposes. Tell us in the comments what else you use wipes! Also, tell us in the comments which baby wipes do you use for your baby and why.

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