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    New Mom

    15 Baby Essentials For New Moms

    Written on 21 June 2019

    Before becoming a mother, you may have imagined during your pregnancy or before pregnancy that how many items would a newborn baby requires. The answer would be probably around a couple of items, right? But when you turn into a mother, then only you find out how many baby items are there in the store when you visit it. And when it comes to buying all the necessary items then you get surprised and exclaimed to see all the items. You get confused and lost because you don't know what to buy and what not to buy. It's normal as it happens with most of the new moms.

    That's why we have provided a list of 15 most important baby items which are required for new moms:

    1. Bassinet, sheets, blankets, mattress, and mattress protectors

    Some people put their baby straight into a cot, while others prefer to use a bassinet (which is sort of like a basket). Some bassinets come on wheels which is handy for moving the baby from room to room with you. A handy tip is to get two bassinet mattresses so that you have a spare on if (and when) your baby wets theirs. There’s no need to buy special bassinet blankets, just fold up the ones you plan to use for the cot and they’ll do nicely.

    2. Cot, cot sheets, blankets, mattress, and mattress protectors

    When you’re ready and your baby is getting too big for the bassinet, you can move them into a cot in your room or their own room. It’s always a good idea to have a few spare sets of linen and blankets for the cot in case your baby is sick on them or wets through their clothes. Keep a set all in one place for those middle of the night bed changes.

    3. Wraps

    Some babies love to be wrapped before they go to sleep, so invest in a few muslin cloths or wraps of your choosing. You can also use wraps as a light blanket in the capsule or pram, as a handy cloth for mopping up baby vomit, or if you want to keep the sun off your baby when you’re out in the pram.

    4. Cloth nappies for burp cloths

    After you feed your baby, you’ll need to burp them, and this is where you might get a little bit of dribble, a mini spew, or a massive vomit. These protect you and your shoulder. Keep some in your nappy bag and you’ll find they have loads of uses (such as an impromptu change table on the grass).

    5. Nappies

    Rather than stocking up on newborn nappies, it’s best to just grab one box of newborn nappies and one box of the small infant nappies. Some babies outgrow the newborn nappies very quickly, and some never fit into them at all.

    6. Nappy rash cream

    Grab a little tub of paw lotion or Sudocrem to have on hand in case your baby gets a sore red bottom.

    7. Change table

    You can either get a free-standing change table, or one with drawers or just put a foam change mat with sides on it on top of some drawers.

    8. Onesies, socks, and singlets

    People are very generous when you have a baby, so don’t stock up too much on clothing. Just for peace of mind, having 5 onesies, 5 singlets and 5 pairs of socks on hand should be perfect.

    9. Pram

    Once you’re ready to leave the comfortable surrounds of home you’ll need a pram to get your baby around. Getting some fresh air daily (and fresh coffee) can be great for your sanity, as well as your health. Not only is it a required mode of transport, but the pram can also be helpful for some babies who have trouble getting to sleep. They seem unable to resist the gentle rock of the pram. Be sure you can fold it and that your new pram fits into the boot of your car before you buy it – most shops will let you take it out to the car to do a practice run. Talk to friends and family for tips on choosing a pram. It’s a very personal choice so take a few for a test drive around the shops (even if you end up buying it online or second hand).

    10. Baby capsule or convertible car seat

    Buy or hire these, depending on your needs. Some prams have an attachment so that you can clip your baby capsule in and out of the car and into the pram without getting the baby out. Genius.

    11. Nappy bag

    This is your bag of tricks and you can’t go anywhere without it. Make sure it’s big enough to hold everything you need for changing nappies, spare clothes (for you too), water for you, and any feeding equipment that you need.

    12. Change Mat

    Many nappy bags come with one of these, but if not just get a plastic mat to keep in there for nappy changing when there isn’t a changing table available.

    13. Nipple cream

    In the early days of feeding, you can get sore red nipples, so a soothing cream can bring some relief.

    14. Breast pads

    As you settle into breastfeeding if you choose to do so, you might find that you leak some milk. You can get reusable or disposable breast pads to put into your bra to keep you dry.

    15. Baby nail clippers

    To avoid baby scratching you or themselves keep their nails in check by using baby clippers.

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