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    The 20 Best Fun and Educational Games to Play With Your Little One and Boost Their Overall Development

    Updated on 3 November 2022

    Playing is essential for your little one’s learning, well-being, and overall development. It is through play that newborns learn about the world around them and how they can interact with others.

    Besides this, playing together can help you to know your newborn better.

    20 play ideas to aid overall development of your little one

    1) Face-to-face play

    This game will help sharpen their visual skills. When your baby gazes into your eyes, poke out your tongue slowly. Do it every 15-20 seconds. It may take some notice, but soon your baby will try to imitate your facial expressions.

    2) Feeling different things

    Give your baby different objects such as soft toys, books, rattles of different textures. Feeling different items will let them know more about the objects around them.

    3) Give them tummy time every day

    This is the time when your new-born practices holding the head up and see things from a different perspective. However, always watch your new-born during this time to prevent any hazards.

    4) Have a conversation

    This activity will help your baby become more vocal. Have a conversation and encourage him/her to try and form words as you respond to their coos and gurgles.

    5) Play the music

    You can perform this activity whenever your baby is grumpy. Put on soulful tunes and hold your baby in your arms. Prefer to sway gently. In case you get tired, put your baby down and perform silly movements in front of your baby, as such movements may be amusing to them.

    6) Observe stuff

    Babies love colourful things which can be fruits, vegetables or clothes. Keep some items beside you and show your baby different objects holding them about a foot away from your little one.

    7) Blow bubbles

    Babies are fascinated by bubbles around them. With your baby near you blow bubbles all around to see how they react. If they try to catch a bubble, it will pop and they’ll learn about cause and effect.

    8) The rocket ship

    Once your baby can hold his head up, you can play rocket ship. Make realistic noises, as you hold him/her above the head and sink them quickly to the bottom.

    9) Catch the toy

    Place a small soft toy tied with a ribbon in front of your baby. Whenever he/she tries to reach to it, sway it a little. In case your baby touches it, praise him/her. This exercise can also help improve the hand-eye coordination.

    10) Playing with puppets

    You can either bring puppet toys or make some at home using old gloves to hold a puppet show which they will enjoy.

    11) Empty the container

    Stuff a lot of small toys and blocks in a container and help your little one to pick out the items from the container and then fill it back again.

    12) Mini obstacle course

    Create a mini obstacle course, with cushions and block toys. Encourage your little one to clear it up.

    13) Crawl race

    Imitate their crawling movement and nudge them to beat you at crawling a certain distance. This will help improve their leg muscles.

    14) Building blocks

    Once they grow up a little, this game can be introduced as it improves judgment in your baby.

    15) The imitation game

    As your little one will often imitate you, turn this into a fun game by performing funny actions.

    16) Fun food game

    In case you have trouble feeding your baby, try holding the spoon normally and as you come near your baby, use a bobbing motion along with any sound which your baby likes, to make feeding easy.

    17) Clapping game

    It will improve the hand coordination and will probably make it more thrilling. You can combine it with various nursery rhymes to make this activity fun.

    18) Colouring

    Introduce colours when your baby gets a little older and ensure proper supervision. Colouring is a fun filled activity which also improves your child’s creativity and work on the motor skills.

    19) Softball

    Place a lightweight ball in front of your baby and let them try to swing it or move it with their legs or hands. This will help strengthen the leg and hand muscles.

    20) Sing, chat, blow raspberries, have fun

    It is these simple things that are best for your little one. Babies may also love nursery rhymes. Remember to enjoy and make it a fun activity for your little one.

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