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What causes headaches in the second trimester?

The second trimester of pregnancy tends to be the time when most pregnant women feel their best.  Gone are the days of the first trimester and its morning sickness (hopefully!)  And, during the second trimester of pregnancy, you are not as nearly uncomfortable and unwieldy as you tend to be during the third trimester of pregnancy.  Still, there are some ailments that can afflict the woman during the second trimester of pregnancy.  One of these problems tends to be headaches.  Causes of a Headache in Pregnancy One of the most common causes for headaches, both during the second trimester of pregnancy and any other time, is stress.  The anxiety that accompanies pregnancy can weigh heavily on the brow of the pregnant woman.  By the time she is in her second trimester, her body has already been through quite a bit, but there is still quite a bit to go.  In addition, the normal cares of everyday life can add to this stress.   Hunger can also cause headaches, as can dehydration.  It is important for the pregnant woman to get enough to eat and drink throughout the day.  While a pregnant woman is not really eating for two, she does need more calories than she did before she was pregnant.  In fact, a pregnant woman needs to have about 300 extra calories per day during pregnancy.  In terms of dehydration, it is very important to get enough water.  Dehydration is not only dangerous for both you and your baby, but it can cause nausea, or increase the nausea that you already have. One of the causes of headaches during the second trimester of pregnancy that most people don’t think of right away has to do with the pregnant woman’s increased sense of smell.  Noxious fumes can cause headaches during the second trimester of pregnancy in particular because many women are more sensitive to smells during pregnancy. So, there are various reasons why one may suffer from headaches during pregnancy – Now you know why!