First Trimester

The time between fertilization of egg by the sperm and week 12 of pregnancy

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Hii I am 2weeks pregnant. I can see spotting from last 12-15 days .Dr advised me with susten 300 .is it a cause for concern.please advise.

Hi all i found spotting/bleed from last two days after seeing heart beat of fetus is it normal or any dangerous

In six week can we feel baby heart beat or not.

Can I conciev if I have 3.1 fsh in first trimester

Can I eat 1 tbs raw flax seeds daily? Flax seeds or chia seeds which one is good during first trimester

Can anyone help me Today I went for scan fr checking the egg rupture .dr. told me it's ruptured and formed corpus leutum . I wanted to know do I need to have relation now or I should wait ?

I am 10 weeks +3 days pregnant and I am having back pain please suggest me some back pain excercises , it is on creasing

Can candid v3 in first trimester cause issues

Mera 8week scan pe +-1week likha iska kaya matlab?

Maine jaab 8week scan kiya to 8week 1day aye aur paas main +-10week likha Yeah +-1week kaya Mayan?

Minimum how many kicks we should feel in a day?

Wen The anamoly scan will be done

How do i know without consulting dr. That I m 5 week pregnant?

Can we eat kulfi during 1st trimester?

Is backache normal in 1st trimester

How to prepare for NT Scan

Anamoly scan me bacche ka weight pta chalta h kya ???

Nov moms .. sbka nt scan ho gya hai kyaa...???

First trimester screening aur nt scan ek hi chiz hai ...any idea??

What is NT scan..??